Pasco: Río Negro overflows the Pozuzo-Oxapampa | Peru | Pasco

A drive to the Pozuzo district in Oxapampa (Pasco) and Codo de Pozuzo in the province of Puerto Inca (Huánuco) is blocked due to the overflow of the Negro River at the height of the Quebrada Honda sector.

This fact was recorded yesterday due to strong rain which took place from 13th Tuesday in these jurisdictions. These collisions occur during electrical storms.

Alvino Bravo Torres, chairman of the Pozuzo self-defense committee, said these rain intense were presented for more than 15 hours. "The flood of the Černohorská River has an impact on several areas of the Pozuzo district, and various landslides have blocked entry and exit roads to Pozuzo, water has cattle and crops," he said.

He added that when the machine cleared the above mentioned road in the Quebrada Honda sector, huge rocks were separated from each other. "We will ask the authorities to send more machines because now Pozuzo is in isolation," he said.

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