Rick leaves the series, but will continue in three films

Episode five of the ninth season The Walking Dead, broadcast on November 4, featured farewell actor Andrew Lincoln of the once popular AMC series. However, according to the manufacturer Scott Gimple, who is in charge franchise expansion plans for ten years moreThis is the end of Rick Grimes as a protagonist in a TV series, but not the end of his story.

"We will continue to tell Rick Grimes' story in original AMC films, He showed Gimple.

These new TV films are designed to extend the reach of franchise, because they will be responsible for seeing a completely different corner of the world in the apocalypse. Despite being on television, they will maintain a range of large budget productions.

The first of these films will explore the story of Rick after the helicopter brings him to another mysterious place and what he will have to face in this new environment. At least three of these films have already been scheduled, with the writing of Gimple spin-off, which will start production in 2019.

Such films will need less time for actor Andrew Lincoln, allowing him to spend more time with his family in England and remain involved in the franchise. This was the main reason for his voluntary departure from the series The Walking Dead, However, Rick's film trilogy is not the only thing on the horizon.

"These films will be a major development of what's happened in the programs." We start with the first part of the ongoing story of Rik Grimes, but there's a lot more on the way, representing a world that has never been seen in The Walking Dead and faces of the past, which we hope will become popular, we want to break the form with different stories, a whole part of the same world that has captured our imagination for about ten years. "

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