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Village of sadness. Six minors and one adult, as well as at least eleven injured, left accident on the road that connects the province Rodríguez de Mendoza and Chachapoyas, in the Amazon region.

The first six deaths were part of Rodriguez de Mendoza's U-14. They have become new victims of the terrible state of our country's roads.

Bus company transport GH moved the team to the final Federative Cup, a sports event whose headquarters were ChachapoyasThere were also trainers and some proud parents in the unit.

Everyone struggled with the tragedy at 10:30 in the morning. During a trip in the industry known as Rondon (20 minutes from Chachapoyas), the vehicle fell to the abyss by more than 90 meters.

No security

One of the hypotheses is that the unit would be confused when trying to pass another vehicle on the above-mentioned path known for its dangers and anxiety. In the pictures we see how they are neglected, to the extent that they have no protective element (guardavías). In addition, the residents said that the road was not maintained for many years. "Until we travel through this danger," one of them denied.

Thirty policemen and firefighters carried out rescue work in the wild area. There they found six dead children.

Even the case is being investigated and the authorities are inconsistent. The Interior Ministry reported that the seventh deceased driver was the omnibus sinistertrado. Meanwhile, Minsa said he was the coach of the aforementioned team.

List of injured

Among the wounded are Raúl Jiménez (teacher); Rivaldo López López (14); Beymer Fernández Bacalla (13); Miriam Calampa Huaman (40); Egner Salazar Calampa (14); Cristian Riva Julca (14) and Anderson Tochon Caro (14). Some injuries have been mobilized in the regional hospital in Prague Chachapoyas,

Meanwhile, two others, in serious condition, were preparing to fly National Institute of Child Health from San Borja,

According to the Department of Health (Minsa), one of them suffers from a stomach, fracture of the right thigh joint, parasite syndrome and mild brain trauma. The other has liver trauma.

"It will finance the stay and feeding of relatives who accompany the victims during their transfer to Lima," the head of the ministry said yesterday evening. Minsa, Silvia Pessah.

The Peruvian Football Federation, with its statement, has committed itself to supporting the organizers of this tournament to provide support to the affected families. He also made it clear that sporting events are organized by local bodies.

And maintenance?

According to statistics from Highway Police, from January to October this year, more than 750 people died on the roads.

The highest number of deaths in accidents was recorded by vehicle collisions (308) and derailed roads or derailments (307).

Most accidents have been reported on the southern transit routes (Nasca-Cusco, Libertadores, Cusco-Puerto Maldonado-Iñapari and Ayacucho-Cusco-Puno).

Also on the southern and northern Panamerican roads; as well as the northern passages (Cajamarca-Chota, Piura-Paita, Corral Quemado, Huaraz and La Libertad). Resources PNP They criticize companies being controlled, but road maintenance is not implemented.

On pictures

– 307 deaths were caused by overtaking buses on the roads PNP,

– 20 minutes from the city Chachapoyas is the area of ​​tragedy.

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