Sporting Cristal: So "Comandante" Mario Salas motivates his team before the decentralized final

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It was another day for Sporting Cristal in Florida. At the end of the exercise, "clovers" dressed as paintball players and "commander" Mario Salas left a clear message to his group of faces "Play Off"You must sharpen your goal".

And it is true. In addition to some games Sporting Cristal has left more or less in the Clausura tournament. This led to an obligation to challenge the final decision to obtain a national title.

So what better cure for Mario Salas than releasing the team at this championship stop FIFA DateIn this sense, he ordered the righmins to become the players of the war and willing to do everything to achieve the stated goals despite the obstacles presented.

"We have to be united and fight on, no matter what the other, whether good or bad, we must be firm," he commented in a special training session.

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