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Susana Villaran: this was her reaction to the Jorge Barata statements

Former Lima mayor Susana Villarán She was uncomfortable when journalists turned to her when she was on her way to a medical meeting in Miraflores. Asked about recent revelations Jorge Barata, former chief Vyzrecht In Peru, the former mayor replied that she was calm.

It was known this morning that he would not attend Consumer Protection Commission, t where she was summoned to report on project implementation Yellow line, RPP News She had access to a document in which a former mayor announced that he would not take part in 'health reasons' and request reprogramming.

According to the letter, the former mayor claims to have suffered from "periodontal abscess and upper left maxilla, which was complicated by uncontrolled hypertension for which I was prescribed treatment and absolute rest for five days."

Last Thursday, a former official Vyzrecht in Peru Jorge Barata, ratified that the construction company filed over $ 3 million for the "No to Cancel" campaign and that the former mayor thanked her in person for the contribution in a telephone conversation.

For this case Public prosecutor In July 2018, she began a preparatory inquiry against Villaran and other former municipal officials, and from November 2017 she is to ban the country from leaving by July this year.

"I believe in impartial justice"

A few days ago, the former mayor of Lima complained about the harassment of the media that had come to his home in Lurin in the last days in search of his revelation statement. Jorge Barata prosecutors in Brazil.

In a report on his Facebook account, Villaran said that "this siege of media" is affecting her health, and said she will only testify before the judicial authorities investigating her for alleged crimes of incompatible bribery and money laundering in the case of Vyzrecht.

"For a period of five days, journalists from various media are deployed in front of my home, although I have told them that I will not testify." Not only are they disturbing me, but also those living in adjacent apartments. This media siege affects my health., he wrote.

"That is why I reiterate to the media that I reserve the jurisdictional scope of my legal defense to clarify what is necessary to find that I have not committed bribery, money laundering and others that seem to me," he adds.

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