The three-month campaign to improve PUBG ends

PUBG Corp decided to listen to the community BATTLEGROUNDS PLAYERUNKNOWN solve various mistakes and improve the overall experience of the game. That's why he set up the Fix PUBG campaign with a 3-month duration. The improvement process ended and the company became acquainted with the results.

Like Taeseok Jang, executive producer of the game, he explained that he prefers several areas of improvement and that he has allocated all his resources in this task. In this way, the company has made adjustments for a better gaming experience, such as optimizing client and server performance.

Developers put special emphasis on reducing traps, improving matchmaking and tackling more of the mistakes reported by the community. The company accepted that there was little change in optimization but had a positive impact. This is reflected in a higher frame rate per second, despite the activation of multiple effects and animations at the same time.

Creatives will work harder to resolve issues that have arisen from recent changes in the game. Server features have also been optimized, which is why they are now busy keeping synchronization and data rates.

As far as matchmaking is concerned, a stable ping environment as well as fair play for players of all levels has been emphasized. The team worked to reduce waiting times in all regions. Despite this, there is still something to improve, PUBG It is served with many variables to be studied.

The company is now considering a revision in the user interface under surveillance. For players to have access to more useful information for organizing their games. Optimization will be accompanied by aspects of technical support.

S Fix PUBG has also created and implemented new anti-tramp actions that preserve the best gaming experience. Similarly, they have resulted in a large number of errors and improved their quality control.

The company has revealed that the development of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms will go hand in hand with PC games. They also announced that in 2019 they will have a new development focus, which will be based on the quality of creating new content.

"At first, it is likely to slow down our pace of development, but as these processes are getting better, we expect to provide new content as fast as we did before, while maintaining our new goal of stability and quality." While we can not say how long it will last, we promise to do everything we can to get to this stage as quickly as possible, "wrote the company.

BATTLEGROUNDS PLAYERUNKNOWN is now available for Xbox One and PC. He will be on PlayStation 4 in December. Visit this link to learn more about it.

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