University of Sports: Juan Manuel Vargas will not continue the season 2019

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Insisting that the details of deformed gossip is a leisure time job but want to refute a professional rift between Nicolás Córdová and Juan Manuel Vargas, it is obvious to the extent that the popular "Crazy Man" of rabbits – advertisements.

Last time Vargas Risco played at least 44 minutes was September 29 in the loss of 4-1 Ayacucho in Ciudad de Cumaná. After never returning to the circle. And that the player did some burglary, put on the sidewalk and took a quarter of chicken meat on a grilled salad to lose weight.

However, despite the needs of the team, Cordova decided to "avoid" Vargas from today's Cuscus match by calling certain newcomers in the reserve for the former Fiorentina, indirectly direct, right? Of course, the administration still believes in the player's experience but does not think that the coach would break the stick when the weaker side is about half a meter from Universitaria.

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