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A cop killed in retaliation for death by a drug lord;

BODIES look at revenge as a motive for killing a member of the provincial anti-drug unit (PDEU).

Police Master Sergeant Junard Cinco died immediately after being shot by two unidentified men on a Barangay Media Onse motorcycle in Toledo City at 8:10 on Tuesday, April 30th.

The advance took place 14 hours after Captain Alejandro Batobalonos, PDEU chief, police captain, and his men killed a suspected drug lord and his nephew at a meeting around 5 pm. last Monday, April 29, in Cebu City.

Cinco drove his motorcycle with his wife as a passenger. He took her to the Toledo shopping center where she worked. When they arrived at the national highway in Barangay Media Onse, the two men on the motorcycle stopped next to them and shot Cinco four times.

Cinco collapsed after being hit in the neck and head. His motorcycle turned to the right and fell into a ditch. His wife, who was injured in the fall, was rushed to a hospital in Cebu City.

Four rounds of .45 pistols were obtained on the scene.

A closed-circuit television camera in this area captured Cinco, who is driving past the two killers behind him. They both wore helmets full of faces.

After shooting, the refugees fled towards Naga.

Batobalonos' police captain was saddened by the incident. He said the victim was a good man.

He said Cinco couldn't accompany them when he escorted the arrest warrant on Gerly Taber Luwage, the most visited person on Cebu on Monday Monday, because Cinco was involved in a hearing about the illicit drug case of another arrested person.

Despite his absence, Cinco played a big role in the fall of Luwage, since he was responsible for the accumulation of the latter's case, Batobalonos said.

Maybe that was why Luwage's group decided to focus on Cinco, he said.

Luwage was killed in the last Monday's operation along with his lacking Junel Lasam inside Luwage's house rented out at Friendship Village in Barangay Basak Nicolas, Cebu City after defending his arrest, Batobalonos said.

“Buotan kaayo ning bataa. Hilumon ni kay konaa lakaw, mahra ra gyud ning bataa nga walay langas ba (Cinco was a good man. Although he was quiet, he got things), head PDEU said.

Batobalonos don't believe Cinco has enemies. Therefore, it tends to believe that the job was the motive for the backup.

He said they had received a news report after Luwage was killed, that the other group would retaliate.

According to a police official, Luwage was a drug master who took over Steve Goa's drug operations after Go was killed last year in Mandaue City Jail.

Luwage also inherited Go's supplies and weapons, he said.

Batobalonos said Luwage was Go's right hand.

He said Luwage is also a murderer while Go is still alive.

Luwage reportedly killed Talisay City police assets on Go orders.

He said they had invaded Luwage's house in Sitio Crash at Barangay Lawaan 3, Talisay City after receiving reports that he was selling drugs, but Luwage escaped.

Although he hid, the police still filed a lawsuit against him for the sale of illicit drugs. The trial ended with the issuance of a warrant for his arrest, which the police conducted last Monday, said Batobalonos.

The police officer was unable to provide details of the murders that were associated with Luwage because he was still assigned to Danao City.

He believed that the men who shot Cinco belonged to the Luwage group.

Police Brigadier General Debold Sinas, Director of Regional Police Office 7, shared the objection of Batobalonos that killing Cinco was a retribution for what happened to Luwage.

"This is one of Steve Go's retaliatory measures because we recently neutralized Gerly Luwell," Sinas said.

He sent coaching teams to Toledo City to search for Cinco's murderers.

Sinas said he wanted them to be captured immediately, dead or alive.

Given what happened to Cinco, Sinas ordered the police staff to be cautious after receiving reports that drug personalities were about to return to the authorities.

Police Colonel Manuel Abrugena, director of Cebu Provincial Police Office, visited Toledo police last Tuesday to learn about the latest search update. (from AYB SuperBality Cebu with GPL / PJB)

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