Aaron Carter expects the first child with girlfriend Lina Valentina – Hollywood life

It's not 90s – Aaron Carter will be a dad! He and Lina Valentina's girlfriend will welcome their first child in the near future … can we expect a proposal in the meantime?

Place "I Want Candy", Aaron Carter, 30, is about to hear "I want a baby"! Our dreamboat of the 90s will eventually become a father E! News report on 20 November. She expects her first child with a girlfriend and a Russian artist Lina Valentina, after meeting their relationship in September. Pregnancy reports were confirmed a few hours after Aaron tweeted a shocking announcement today today! "I'm in such a wonderful place mentally, physically and emotionally," he wrote on Tuesday morning. "I finally bought my first home, and I will soon be suggesting my gf, and we could just expect …" "Baby news, look, now we're going to be waiting anxiously for Aaron to jump a big question!

We join the second round of congratulations because he allegedly "designed Linna next week," said another source E! News. We are not surprised that this report is so fast when we consider that Aaron, who was sent on September 24 to the mother of her future child! "Nobody has understood me and showed the love that this woman has for me EVER," he wrote in his private account, Instagram, under sweet selflessness about him and Lena. "You have my heart for the rest of my life, our relationship is new, but we will grow [sic] old together and have our family and I will honor honorable respect and be the man I always wanted to be because you showed me that you are the woman I have always dreamed of. "Not a whole month later, a passionate description, Aaron and Lina are already leading family plans!

Aaron is drawn to paternity because he has been talking about him since February. "I'll be a good father, I know," he said People during an interview published on February 22. "I want a lot of kids, lots of stability, good luck and laughter and learning and having fun, it's going to be good." He added, "I want girls, maybe it's for all my sisters and my mommy boy." Aaron comes from a large family growing up beside six siblings – five of them are girls!

We can not wait until Aaron builds his own family. Congratulations to those expecting parents!

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