CHR: The limitation of female cops goes against the Magna Carta Women

CHR: The limitation of female cops goes against the Magna Carta Women

Gaea Katreena Cabico ( – November 8, 2018 – 11:17 pm

MANILA, Philippines – The Human Rights Commission on Thursday reminded the Philippine National Police that the limitation of female police officers is contrary to the provisions of the Magna Carta for Women.

This, after PNP Chief Executive Oscar Albayalde rejected the appeal of Deputy Johnny Pimentel (Surigao del Sur) to raise to 20 percent the annual quota for training and education of female officers.

Albayalde explained that she had exceeded the 10 percent quota for women allowed under the PNP reform and the Reorganization Act.

"But we stick to 10 percent because there are limitations for women: if they marry, get pregnant … especially now maternity leave is longer," said senior police officer in English and Filipino.

CHR spokesperson Jacqueline De Guia stressed that Magna Carta women explicitly states that women leased in PNP and other allied services must reach 50 percent of the law.

The Republican Law 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women was signed in 2009.

"Over the next five years, the recruitment and training of women in police forces, forensic and medical-legal, legal services, and social work services of women who are victims of gender-related crimes will increase, 50 percent of its staff must be women, "read Article 9 of the measure.

"It's the 10th anniversary of women's Magna Carta next year, the 10 percent limit has no support and base," De Guia said.

A CHR spokesman added that Albayalde quotes pregnancy and extended maternity leave to justify the 10 percent limit "is in contradiction with the spirit and intent of the Magna Carta Women banning all forms of discrimination against women and the right to maternity leave when recognizing gender-specific women's needs."

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