Enzo Amore ate from a stone cold stunner to a Rap concert

Enzo Amore made a lot of noise over the WWE The Survivor series weekend, but not just during the show, as the rap video shows, but also the Stone Cold Stunner.

Enzo has appeared in the WWE audience thanks to titles The Survivor series, but on Monday night he also organized a concert to promote his upcoming A Go Go whiskey rap. During the show, someone from the crew or viewer (hard to recognize) on the stage where he asked if something was going to do with Wynon Ridder and the rollercoaster … he tried to really learn it, but he just could not say it.

In any case, he asks for his name (which is Mike) and then turns to the crowd and says, "My name is Mike. do Mike? "Then he puts the microphone to the audience and gets" as you do"then he continues digging into his stomach and draining Stone Cold Stunner on the stage, sending Mike over to the other side of the stage and then kicking the music back through SE Scoops.

"Concert Enzo Amore Rap Performing stoning cold stunning on stage It's just bad, really really bad."

You can judge the Stunner for yourself in the above video.

According to Amore's new shirt,Doin Great "and got a big response to the WWE The Survivor series when he appeared in the audience. Fans have actually begun seeing him earlier, despite trying to maintain a low profile. When the Tag team between the Bar team and the painters (AOP) began, although he got up and realized his presence, security quickly led him out of the building. The fans started singing "Let Him Stay," but never returned to their place. Later, other songs appeared when the fans started calling "We want Enzo," while other fans chose those who had their own singing "No We Do Not".

Suffice it to say that Enzo certainly impressed, though he does not seem to intend to have anything to do with the struggle these days. It was most likely just a game to gain more attention to his concert, which, as we know, was held the following night. It also happened at the same time as Monday evening Raw.

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