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Fanny pack Crocs are actually good

Two of the most controversial ways in the world – tousled packages and Crocs – have melted and formed a mutant merger.

Japanese fashion brand Beams has worked with Crocs to create "Pocket" Croc, a Croc with a fake package attached to the ankle. The collaboration debuted earlier this month, with shoes selling for 5940 yen, or $ 53 on the Beams website.

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Some people were less than excited about the hybrid hybrid package. Fast Company Announces Collaboration with: "Crocs Just More More Absurd." The New York Post deepened further and said, "Crocs adds false-eye packages, somehow gets ugly."

Crocs collaboration with beams.

But hateful fans are wrong.

Frankenstein's fashion is not just at the top of aesthetics; it is also a brilliant business decision in line with the strategy that has led the impressive Crocs comeback over the years.

Basically, the argument against fan-pack-Crocs is based on lies. Are the shoes ugly? Maybe. But assuming this ugliness is unpleasant for the customers and harms the business, it is completely out of base.

While clothing trends rely on the understanding of what is and is not flattering or appealing for a long time, at this point the countermeasures of ugly fashion have fully penetrated the mainstream.

"Ugly products have become so ironic that they are now trending, thanks to brand brands that launch their ugly garments," said Mary Hanbury of Business Insider in 2018. resistance and subsequent humming on social networks. "

Balenciaga Crocs.

Vetements debuted high-top socks sneakers and shoes that hit the hips for hundreds of dollars. Y / Projects have created a high Ugg thigh. The ugly, unflattering denim has achieved such dominance that often unflattering cuts are new normal, helping to manage a 9% increase in women's jeans sales between February 2018 and February 2019.

Crocs was perfectly positioned for the concept of traveling from runway to mainstream. After all, Balenciaga made his debut on the Crocs platform during the Paris Fashion Week in October 2017. When they were available to the general public a few months later, they sold out within hours – even over $ 850.

Crocs thrives with the ugly cold. Earlier in April, the company announced that sales of the same trade rose by 10.8% in 2018. Online sales increased by 22.5% per year.

The brand's popularity is increasing among youthful trends. In October, Piper Jaffray's two-year teen preference survey found that Crocs ranked 13th out of all footwear brands in teenage popularity, from No. 27 the previous year.

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"We see this as a real connection with the generation and the consumer group," said CEO of Crocs Andrew Rees about Gen Z during a call with investors in April. "We offer them a product that has incredible value."

Malone Collaboration with Crocs.

Crocs has found success by working with celebrities and other fashion brands while leaning on the natural "ugliness" of clogging.

The brand's two co-operation with Post Malone at the end of 2018 quickly sold out. Already in 2019, Crocs released several trendy streetwear brands including Pleasures, Left Hand LA and Chinatown Market. Each of the collaborations quickly sold out.

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Collaboration with beams is consistent with this strategy. If nothing else, the bulk of the fluffy package makes Crocs more attractive at the current fashion moment.

Are there any practical problems? Sure! My colleague Mary Hanbury pointed out that people could step on the back of the shoe and tore the Crocs stroller inadvertently.

"Also in busy crowds, when you get down to get some money, you could topple and crush," she added.

But these risks fade compared to potential payouts – both for Crocse and for Crocs.

People who mock fanny-pack-crocs are missing a point. There's something joyful about ugly, semi-practical, semi-absurd shoes.

Teenagers realize this joy as well as people who drive a boat on Crocs. They are anti-corruption adversaries who are missing.

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