Mozilla's chief regrets internet addictive qualities

"It's a disappointment, practice" Come to my website, stay there, keep clicking and continue to spread this information as quickly as possible, "he says

Posted 7:49, 09.11.2018

Updated 7:49, November 9, 2018

BAKER. Mozilla's chief executive Mitchell Baker talks about the central stage of the annual web-conference conference at the 2018 summit in Lisbon on November 6, 2018. Photo by Patricia de Melo Moreira / AFP

Mitchell Baker said at a Lisbon summit in Lisbon, "… the biggest use, the largest companies and the largest commercial use are embedded systems that look like addiction."

"It's a disappointment, practice" Come to my website, keep you there, keep clicking, spread this information as quickly as possible … "she added.

"It's more like a dependency, it feels more like extracting a slot machine," said Baker, who drives an open-source, innovative technology.

"The ease with which so many of us can turn to anger and violence is disappointing, so it reveals something about humanity that is a little disappointed," she added.

Mozilla, which developed the Firefox web browser, earns from advertising like many other online companies, and Baker admitted disagreements in arranging.

But Katharina Borchert, Mozilla's open innovation chief, told AFP: "Advertising is still a model that drives the vast majority of the site, so we are not against advertising or monetizing content."

She added, "We want to find a better balance between the user agency, data autonomy and user security and monetization options."

Firefox has a 5% market share for online browsers, which is the market leader for Google Chrome, to 60%, according to analysts at Statcounter.

However, they try to develop a number of features that distinguish them from the competition.

It includes an anti-tracking feature that appeals to website users to realize that every movement of them is recorded by Internet giants for advertising purposes. –

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