Roman Reigns: WWE megastar set for HUGÉ WrestleMania before leukemia | WWE | Sport

Reigny shocked the WWE last month when he discovered that he had caught this terrible illness for the first time 11 years ago and, after having quickly granted him a pardon, unfortunately has not yet had cancer.

The big dog then gave up the universal championship, which was so hard to win by Brock Lesnar in SummerSlam and returned home for treatment.

At that time, the four-time world champion recently reformed The Shield with Ambros and Seth Rollins, but the team re-dissolved when the 33-year-old grappler had done free time.

Lunatic Fringe turned on the heel the same night he brutalized Rollins a while after winning the RAW Tag Team championship by Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

Two former world champions are about to be involved in a long and intense conflict, but the initial plans seem a little different.

According to Give me the sport, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that Ambrose was to betray The Shield much later, and that would lead to WrestleMania's match against Reigns on April 7 at the MetLife stadium in New York City.

However, Big Dog's status has changed everything so the former WWE Champion challenged Rollins.

Ambrose finally explained his actions last Monday night on RAW and even took the ring on Reigns as he claimed he and the Intercontinental Champion made him feel weak.

He said, "The truth is, I thought the shield was stronger together.

"Before that I thought this symbol was strong, I thought I was wearing this [vest] made me strong.

"But the truth is, the shield weakens me.

"You [Rollins] made me weak. Roman has weakened me. The burden of being your brother, the burden that I have to watch my back weakens me.

"But every day is a new day, the opportunity to be born again.

"The possibility of taking the past and burning it."

Their first match will take place after Sunday's Survivor Series Pay-Per-View, which will see Rollins, who fights with the American champion Shinsuke Nakamura in an interpromotics match.

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