Soccer: Real Reward of Temporary Chief Solari with an Infinite Contract, Football News and Best Stories

MADRID (AFP) – Real Madrid's interim manager Santiago Solari was named a permanent coach on Monday (November 12th) after overseeing the surprise victory of European champions since joining Julen Lopetegui.

"Everything is fine, Real Madrid has drawn up its contract and there are no problems," said the Spanish Football Federation.

Solari brought Real to four of the four winners because he was installed on a decent basis after Lopetegui's sudden expulsion last month. And with 15 goals he received and only two confessions, he created the best start for Real manager.

After defeating Melilla in Copa del Rey, he won 5-0 Victory Pilsen in the Champions League, between victories over Real Valladolid and Celta Vigo in La Liga.

The Madrid rise has left only four points of the Barcelona Leaders and is on the brink of qualifying for the last 16 in Europe.

Solari, who spent five years in Real, was promoted to Castilla in Team B after Lopetegui oversaw an unfortunate run involving only one victory in seven matches.

The last one, which is the result of 5-1 in the hands of Barcelona, ​​showed the last straw for the president of the Florentine Perez club, but they left under their new coach.

"He did a great job," Madrid Madrid Club Director Emilio Butragueno said on Sunday evening. "We are very happy with how things happened."

Few people could argue with the results that Solari has now gained a chance to prove for a long time. He told his opening press conference that he was open to keep his full-time job.

"It's a great opportunity and it's a great club," Solari said. "I'm not just the coach of the first team, I've been here with other teams, I've played and played in this club's shirt.

"Madrid is bigger than we all, but everything matters to us. I want to be part of it."

The challenge for Solari will be to master the dressing room when the results return to the worse. After an international break, Madrid continues in major league matches against Eibar, Valencia, Huesca, Ray Vallecano and Villarreal before Christmas, none of which currently reside in the upper part of La Liga.

They will also play in Rome in Italy and CSKA Moscow at home in the Champions League, two games likely to settle, passing through group G.

Solari was only allowed for two weeks as a temporary coach under Spanish regulations, which meant that the Sunday trip to Celta Vigo could always be preceded by a decision on his future. It turned out to be an impressive final bankruptcy when Madrid hit a 4-2 victory, while Solari had to adapt to a handful of injuries during the game.

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