STARTING MS-10 MISSION AT ISS, November 16, 2018, Kazakhstan –

Russia will launch its next robotic Progress MS-10 mission at the International Space Station (ISS) on November 16, 2018. Start time has not been announced since November 2.

In addition to sending it to the ISS, this launch will demonstrate that Russia has corrected the problem that provoked the start of Soyuz MS-10 on October 11th.

The progressive cargo spacecraft and spacecraft Soyuz crew are both launched on the Soyuz rackets, though somewhat different versions. The one who failed on October 11 was Soyuz FG. It was found that the damaged sensor pin prevents the nozzle from opening on one of the four missiles when it should separate from the core. The pin was damaged as the rocket was collected at the Baikonur spacecraft, and all the Soyuz racks that were run from there, including the Progress MS-10, were inspected to make sure there were no anomalies.

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