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Storm Heroes Reveal Anduin In New Hero Spotlight

Stormwind King joins his father in Nexus when Anduin Wrynn finally arrives at Heroes of the Storm.

King Stormwind finally entered the Nexus. Anduin is a highly sought after accessory Storm Heroes and joins the Hero game set. He is a Ranged Healer who excels in keeping allies alive, but can also use Light to unleash justice on his enemies. Follow him in action below.

Anduin has a very interesting set of experimenting skills for players. His set seems to be attuned to a playful healer. Someone who seems to be doing great moves while keeping his teammates healthy at the top. His peculiarity of "leap of faith" allows Anduin to pull his allies to himself, letting him catch someone from a sticky situation. Opportunities to reset the battle are enormous, and high-level players will surely take advantage of this feature.

His "Q" ability is a small treatment with a short cooldown. It should greatly increase the sustainability of your team in combat, as Anduin can keep teammates on top while they do damage. His "W" is the light that damages every enemy he hits. After hitting it, it returns in the wave, treating allies for an increased percentage, depending on how many enemies they are in contact with. This will be very useful in the big battles that are going on around targets.

Anduin also has a root as his "E" ability and let him lock his enemies for a short time. His two main options are interesting. One allows you to heal and protect all allies around you. The other connects the ally with the light, which then explodes and stuns the enemies.

Storm Heroes began to slow down at the end of last year. But they still put together the content people want. Anduin is another fan favorite that you can try on PC today.

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