You can buy the best Black Friday chips this week

Black Friday comes in a few days and it's one of the best times of the year when you can buy smart home appliances. With excellent stores from retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, target and Walmart, it's easy enough to get a sweet discount on the new gadget or two – but what if you want to use the savings and go all-in?

The trick is to find a collection of discounted devices that all play well with you – and hey, that's where our experience with testing smart home appliances on CNET Smart Home is starting!

For this purpose, here is the marine list of black back-end smart home packages, all of which were tiles from the best stores we've seen. From intelligent kitchens to smart security, Alex at Apple HomeKit, we have a lot of suggestions on how to get this black Friday as much as possible for your money.

And if you want to see a complete list of all the smart home appliances we've found this week, click here.

  • Bids have been updated and verified since Tuesday, 20 November.
  • Note that CNET may earn revenue from the sales of the products listed on this page.

Final Settlement Agreement for $ 187 (Save $ 137)

Nest Thermostat E for $ 99 from Dell (save $ 70, available on November 21).
CNET rating: 7.7

Lifx multicolor Wi-Fi Smart Bulb for $ 40 at Best Buy (saves $ 20, available November 22)
CNET rating: 8.4

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug 2-Pack for $ 23 in Newegg (save $ 17, available November 23)
CNET rating: 7.8

The Google Mini Home with C Technology by GE Bluetooth Smart Bulb for $ 25 in Lowe (save $ 30, available on November 23)
CNET rating: 8.4

I would like to start by making some great suggestions from my frivolous colleague, Sarah Mitroff, who gathered together amazing black spine smart home starter package for just $ 110. I've made some improvements and came with a similar setting that includes a smart bulb for your living room, a smart Bluetooth light bulb for your bedroom, Nest thermostat, two smart plugs, and a smart Google Home Mini speaker that can control everything. Total cost: $ 187.


Chris Monroe / CNET

Smarter kitchen – with dishes – for 488 USD (you save 364 USD)

Anova Wi-Fi Sous Vide circulator for $ 100 at Best Buy (you save $ 60, now available)
CNET rating: 8.0

Lenovo's 8-inch Smart Display for $ 99 at Best Buy (save $ 100, available on November 22)
CNET rating: 8.6

Google Home and a 30-piece tasty kitchen set for $ 99 on Walmart (you save $ 130, available on November 22)
CNET rating: 8.4

WeMo Mini Smart Plug for $ 20 for Best Buy (save $ 15, available on November 22)
CNET rating: 8.0

Instant Pot Lux for $ 60 at Walmart (save $ 40, available on November 23)
CNET rating: 7.4

Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer 2-pack for $ 110 on Amazon (saves $ 19, available on November 23)
CNET rating: 7.0 (previous generation)

Do you want technical help in cooking next year? Imagine this combo, which includes an excellent Instant Pot Lux, a sova video circulator that is unique when delivering flesh to the perfect temperature, a smart WeMo Mini socket that can automate a reliable coffee, 2-pack intelligent meat thermometers, Lenovo Smart Display for Voice Guides from Google Assistant and a 30-piece Tasty Kitchen Case that comes with a free Google home network. Total cost: $ 488.


Chris Monroe / CNET

Functional, Functional Setting of Apple HomeKit for $ 618 (Save $ 180)

Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat for $ 139 on Amazon (save $ 30, now available)
CNET rating: 8.0

Apple HomePod for $ 249 at Best Buy (save $ 100, available on November 22)
CNET rating: 7.9

Nanoleaf Rhythm Starter Kit with Nanoleaf Remote for $ 230 directly from Nanoleaf (save $ 50, available November 23)
CNET rating: 7.9

Apple HomePod is doubled as a dedicated HomeKit hub that lets you control your intelligent home on the Siri network outside the Wi-Fi network. And if you are planning to use the BlackPay solution on HomePod, consider putting LEDs with a color change, the HomeKit-friendly LED on the wall above it. With the Rhythm accessories that are included, you can rhythmically dance with any music you play on this HomePod, and if you buy from Nanoleaf on a black Friday, the company fits its ultra-unique – on the other hand, Nanoleaf Remote, allows you to assign HomeKit lighting scenes or scenes on each side, and then trigger them by turning this side up. Evaluate the excellent Smart Ecobee3 Lite and let Siri control heating and cooling, and your HomeKit settings will be turned off for a very good start. Total cost: $ 618.



Intelligent Home Security for $ 429 (Save $ 340)

August Smart Lock for $ 120 directly from August (save $ 30, available on November 22)
CNET rating: 7.5

Ring Video Doorbell 2 with Amazon Echo Dot for $ 139 at Best Buy (save $ 110, available November 22)
CNET rating: 7.4

SimpliSafe Protect your $ 170 SimplicCam home security system when buying Best Buy (saving 200 USD, available 22.11.)
CNET rating: 8.5

Best Buy Black Spine Reductions on SimpliSafe Starter Kits are some of the best smart home deals in the season – for example, $ 170 will provide you with a base, a keyboard, four open / closed sensors, a Motion Detector, and a free standalone SimpliCam. Add a Smart Lock compatible with SimpliSafe and excellent Ring Video Doorbell 2 ringtones and look at a comprehensive, intelligent DIY security setting with plenty of room for growth. Free Echo Dot is a nice bonus because you can manage SimpliSafe, Ring and August with Alexa voice commands.

SimpliSafe offers 24-hour, 7-day monitoring, application alerts, and a $ 25 monthly mobile deposit, and you can manage the system using Alex's voice commands on the Amazon Echo Dot. Oh, and Alexa can also control Smart Smart Lock. Total cost: $ 429.


Ian Knighton / CNET

Alexa's 10-point intelligent lighting for $ 373 (you'll save $ 180)

Ecobee Switch Plus for 79 USD directly from Ecobee (Save $ 20, now available)
CNET rating: 7.5

Philips Hue Color & Colored 3-Bulb Starter Kit With Wireless Remote Control For $ 120 For Best Buy (you will save $ 70, now available)
CNET rating: 7.2

Amazon Echo for $ 69 on Amazon (save $ 30, available on November 22)
CNET rating: 8.5

Amazon Smart Plug for $ 5 on Amazon (saves $ 20, available November 22)
CNET rating: 6.2

Philips Hue Light Belts for $ 60 at Best Buy (save $ 30, available on November 23)
CNET rating: 7.0

Philips Hue White LED 4-Pack for $ 40 at Best Buy (you save $ 10, available on November 23)
CNET rating: 8.5

Check out light control in your home using Alexa commands? Here is a combo of a black Friday, which I will give you two Alexa speakers and 10 intelligent lights that can control, including four that change color – all for less than $ 400 in total.

Start with the Ecobee Switch Plus switch, a smart light switch that doubles like a small Alexa speaker for voice activation lighting – it's a great way to automate bedroom lighting and get Alex's control over there in one bankruptcy, and it's already $ 20 off as an early Black Friday special. There is also a Philips Hue three-bulb starter set that comes with a free wireless dimmer for proper operation. You are already on one Alex speaker and four intelligent lights and we have not even begun to thaw the dead.

Next, pick up the Amazon Echo for your Living Room on Thanksgiving and add the Amazon Smart Plug to your Echo purchase for $ 5 more. You can use this plug to automate every lamp you put behind it, our fifth intelligent light ready for Alex. Next, go to Best Buy on a black Friday and pick up the cheap Philips Hue light bar that will look great behind your TV or over your kitchen cabinets along with the Philips Hue White LED 4-pack for just $ 40. Here are five other lights that you can add to your new Hue Bridge and control with Alexa commands. Voila: a total of 10 intelligent lights and 2 Alexa speakers that control voice commands. Total cost: $ 373.

View the source from the Nest video bell on the Google Home Hub – or on a Chromecast TV.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Smart Assistant Google Assistant for $ 501 (you will save $ 269)

Google Home Hub for $ 99 for Best Buy (you save $ 50, is available November 22)
CNET rating: 8.6

Google Home for $ 79 in Best Buy (you save $ 50, is available November 22)
CNET rating: 8.0

Google Home and Google Chromecast for $ 45 in Walmart (saves 29 USD, is available 22.11.)
CNET rating: 8.4

Nest Hello Video Doorbell for $ 179 from Lowe (save $ 70, available on November 22)
CNET rating: 8.5

Nest Thermostat E for $ 99 from Dell (save $ 70, available on November 21).
CNET rating: 7.7

If you want Google Assistant voice controls to get almost every corner of your home, consider this combination. It will be a clean home Google smart home speaker, the smart home screen Google Home Hub for a bedside table in the bedroom and a home-made home mini kitchen or children's room. In addition, you get an attractive smart thermostat and a top rated Nest bell, plus a Chromecast streamer – all three can be controlled by Google Assistant voice commands on your new speakers. You can even ask the assistant to pull the doorbell camera source into your home Hub or Chromecast TV. Total cost: $ 501.

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