A few days ago, Robert Janowski liked to expand his family. Now he has given a tragic message, a little mania – Super Express is dead

Robert Janowski and his wife Monika Janowska

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Robert Janowski and his wife Monika Janowska

A few days ago, Robert Janowski and his wife Monika reported in the media that their family had just grown. Unfortunately, their happiness did not last long, because the tragedy was brought about by marriage. The little mania is dead and a photo of Monika Janowska with eyes full of tears was published on the web.

On November 15, Robert Janowski and his wife Monika reported on social media that their family had just grown with a new member. The couple decided to adopt little Mania, which Monika Janowska found while browsing the Internet. The sight of a small, curved, blind, and deaf pooch made her heart skip.

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– My wife showed me a picture of Manie on the phone and said she had to stay with us, she had to be ours. We got in the car and drove to a shelter in Paluch. We’ve been there twice. One day to get to know her and ask about the conditions of the adoption, and the next day we were ready with the papers and we took Mańka home – said Robert Janowski a few days ago at DDTVN.

Robert Janowski and his wife Monika adopted little Mania

Robert Janowski and his wife did their best to ensure proper care for the sick Mania. The bitch ended up in the hands of a veterinarian, who decided to prescribe her injections and medication. However, few people know that Robert Janowski, the famous host of the “What a Melody” program, is a veterinarian. Thanks to his experience, the Janowski family was able to take care of little Mania as they should.

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– He’s 17 years old and in a terrible state, he had a stroke. It doesn’t work at all. Yesterday the family was happy because they ate. We try to keep it warm, calm, full and drunk in the last few days and months. Her world is walking in circles – said Monika Janowska a few days ago.

Robert Janowski gave tragic news

Robert Janowski and his wife took great care of Mania and reported on the Internet about scenes from the care of a sick dog. Unfortunately, the former hosts of the “Jaka to melodia” program have now brought tragic news. He added a photo of his wife with eyes full of tears to the heartbreaking post. Unfortunately, he died yesterday.

– Sadness … Indescribable … I can’t … Monika Janowska: “She chose us to take her over the hill” Published @withregram • @ jan.owska Silence … calm … at night … MANIA – written by Robert Janowski.

Fans immediately moved with compassion. Many people have noticed that they have done everything in their power to improve Manie’s comfort in her last days. They also note that at least she died in a warm, loving house, caring for her, not in a shelter.

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