At WSE, indexes under the line, solid growth of energy blue chips – – Economy

Quaterly quotes that took place on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on November 15 ended with a fall in the index, with the exception of sWIG80, which at the end increased by 0.1%. Solid growth was recorded by PGE, Tauron and Energa. The WIG-Energy Index grew by 4%, while the WIG20 declined by more than 1%.

On Thursday, WIG20 declined by 1.3 percent. and reached 2,202.9 points, WIG lost 0.9%. and reached 56,328.96 points, and mWIG40 declined 0.1% to 3,874.1 points.

Although virtually the sWIG80 was below the line, at the end of the conference, the small business index reached the surface and ended the session at 0.1%. plus a level of 10,835.4 points

Market turnover totaled PLN 876 million, of which PLN 678 million generated blue fries.

Among the WIG20 companies, energy leaders, the WIG-Energia index rose by 4.1 percent.

PGE (+ 4.9%) said in a statement that an electricity auction on the 2021 electricity market had concluded a contract with a total of at least 11,652 MW of mandatory capacity for PGE units. The auction closing price ranges from PLN 218.56 to PLN 240.40 / kW / year.

About 3.6 percent The value of Tauron has increased. After the first electric auction, Tauron estimates that the group's revenues from the electricity market in 2021 could reach PLN 584.1 million to PLN 642.5 million. In the years 2022-2025, the group estimates PLN 437.3-540.1 million per year, from PLN 168.9 million to PLN 185.8 million annually in the years 2026-2035, and PLN 1 million per year between 2036-2037.

Energa (+ 1.5%) said in a statement that a total of 977 MW of capacities for Energa Group entities was closed at the electricity market auction in 2021.

The DAM rate fell by 1.1 percent, despite exceeding the consensus of net profit, which grew to PLN 1,007 million in the third quarter of 2018 and reached 7 percent. higher than market expectations.

KGHM shares were cheaper by 1.3 percent. KGHM's third-quarter results turned out to be lower than market expectations. Adjusted EBITDA was PLN 1,225 billion and amounted to 8%. lower than the consensus of PAP Biznes. Analysts suggest that activity in Poland was worse than expected, mainly due to higher costs.

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