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"Dancing For Me" in the American Netflix Series! "It's a huge difference"

Whether we like it or not, disco polo is experiencing its renaissance and gaining new values ​​of popularity. Last year, summer festivals and New Year's parties were among the creators of this trend, and their performances were the warmest of the audience. Disco polo has become a phenomenonwho is ashamed of the more ambitious side of mass culture, but – as it turned out – Netflix hated him,

One of the American series on the platform, Friends of the University, he used a fraction of the work I'm dancing Polish team weekendHeroes are going to party and decide to enter the Polish club on the way. This is the place where music plays Radek LiszewskiIn the next part of the episode, we hear another song from Weekend I gave you the flowers.

We all agreed a few months ago. This is a huge difference to me. Honestly, thanks to this song, I've done good things. The song "She Dancing for Me" also appeared in one of Xbox's games, but also landed on the world-wide YouTub as the only Polish song. I did not have the opportunity to see the show yet, I have to deal with it – said Radek Liszewski in an interview with WP Gwiazd.

Of course, I received a reward for it. Everything was the same as for other contracts we have concluded – he added.

How about Edyta Górniak and Justyna Steczkowska?

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