Dark Messenger and Facebook theme. We recommend turning it on! Facebook in black and white. How to turn it on? [24.03.2019]

Facebook Messenger dark mode. Facebook Dark Mode

Recently, Facebook Messenger developers have tested the introduction of Dark Mode. The option is not yet publicly available, but you can try to enable it. Unfortunately, this method will not work on all smartphones

How do I enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Mascher developers are testing the so-called dark mode. Until recently, only users with Android access to the root account could have enabled the dark mode, but for a few days there is a way to enjoy the dark mode in Facebook Messenger in a different way. What's more, it works on Android smartphones and iOS devices. The way is to send a monthly emoticon ?. How to do it? Instructions below.

Send emoticon and turn on Facebook Messenger dark mode

  1. In Facebook Messenger, we'll start dark mode
  2. Open the Facebook Messsneger app
  3. Select contact (one)
  4. Send him a monthly emoticon
  5. After sending the month, you must click multiple times in emoji. You will then see information about finding the dark mode and running it in the application settings.
  6. Close Facebook Messenger
  7. Restart Facebook Messenger
  8. The switch should be in dark mode on the application's taskbar

Facebook on black background. Is it possible to set a black color on Facebook?

Many Facebook users will ask if the mode is dark (night), the so-called dark mode is also available on Facebook. Unfortunately, application developers have not introduced the ability to activate this mode from the application level. So it is not worth losing the time to spam the monthly emoticon under the posts, which informs that the action will allow the possibility of running a dark (night) mode. Also the answer under posts hashtag #darkfacebook #blackFB #blacFacebook #blackFacebook and the like. However, there is a way to get Facebook in black and white.

Facebook on black background. How to do it?

You will need an external app to run Facebook in black and white. We will download it from the Google Play store, accept the terms, sign in with Facebook, enter your settings and set a dark theme on the menu.

How to set a dark theme on Facebook? Watch the video


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