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Deputy PiS wants President Rzeszów to ban March equality. She relies on … Sister Faustina

An open letter from President Rzeszów was published by the Catholic weekly Niedziela. In the letter, MEP Halina Szydełko and Director of the Diocesan House Tabor, ks. Daniel Drozd declares that Tadeusz Ferenc agreed to March equality. This is not true because the city president does not give consent to speeches in the city – they are based on the principle of notification. Importantly, the march in Rzeszow has not yet been officially announced. It is scheduled for 22 June and applications can be submitted no earlier than 30 days before the event.

The PiS representative wants to ban the march in Rovnost in Rzeszow

The authors of the letter argue that during last year's demonstration (which first took place) "riots and confirmation of sexual dissatisfaction". "We already know from experience that there are no such environments in our country, so a congress of LGBT representatives from all over the country and the world is planned," says the deputy and cleric. In the following words, we read: "We are strongly opposed to the organization in Rzeszow, which is manifested by similar manifestations that change fundamental Christian values ​​and promote behavior incompatible with the teaching of the Church."

Szydełko and the priest Drozd convince them that they will not condemn the people, just their actions, which the Ferenc supports by agreeing to march. The authors of the letter in the next paragraph cite "Diary" by St. Sister Faustyn. "We found, [w “Dzienniczku” – red.] the words the Lord Jesus heard during prayer: I especially loved Poland, and when I listen to my will, I will exalt it by power and sacrifice. "Later, fragments of the Holy Scripture appear that have" As a contradiction with homosexuality and nature. "" As a Council of Catholic Movements and Associations of the Rzeszów Diocese, we strongly oppose organizing a march in Rzeszów and calling on the President to agree to this manifestation and promotion of evil, " says a letter.

"There are fewer in Rzeszów than in other cities"

The portal asked a parliamentary observer during the March march mentioned in the letter. The fact is, what the portal describes is that the march tried to disrupt members of the All-Polish Youth. According to Szydła, it doesn't matter. The point is that such a reality has occurred and there is a reasonable suspicion that this year may also reach this point – she told the portal.

Szydałka also states that "it is not the aim of demonstrating from foreign cities and countries in Rzeszow". – Let them show if they have such a problem. There is no translation [na nasz region]so it is not necessary, useless, harmful – she said. The question of the journalists is certain that LGBT people are not associated with the residents of Rzeszów, the deputy replied: – There are much less than in other cities, so you have to bring these people from other places.

Organizers of the Event: Member's compromise function

The recipient did not want to address the letter in conversation with the portal. "There is nothing to predict facts," Ferenc said. – Now I have no other topics, just thinking of March equality? What he will be will – he added.

Patrycja Pawlak-Kamiñska from the March of Equality Organizing Committee in an interview with the portal was surprised that a member of Szydło as a legal adviser does not know the provisions of the Assembly Act and the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. – Perhaps if Mrs. Szydałko also knew fluently about the laws, such as the biblical quotes and "Faith's Diary", it would not be embarrassing both the function of deputy and the profession of solicitor, the statement – to think of A Pawlak-Kamiñska.

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