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Driving license: Another category without TEORII exam? What does the ministry say? Driving license without test changes [29. 4. 2019 r.]

Driving license: the test for another category of driving license should be limited to the practical part only and one theory that would be accepted should be sufficient? This is the case of the interplace MP Jacek Wilk, who handed over the Minister of Infrastructure. In his view, the theory of driving licenses should only be passed once because it concerns regulations that apply to all drivers. What does the Ministry of Infrastructure say?

Driving license: The theoretical test is useless?

At the beginning of March 2019, the Minister of Infrastructure received a question whether it was necessary to pass a theoretical driver test if a person already had rights in another category.

Interpellation came from MEP Jacek Wilk. It doubts that if someone already has a driving license for that category and is expanding his or her rights to another, he / she has to reapply the theory. The MP claims that traffic regulations are the same for all drivers who move, for example:

  • by car
  • truck,
  • motorcycle,
  • bus.

The MP suggested creating a record to regulate such a situation. The record can be read as follows:

Tested persons applying for the right to drive a motor vehicle under the driving licenses of the following categories shall be considered as having a positive result of the theoretical part of the State Examination.

According to the deputy, the repetition of a theoretical driving test is not anything other than those already entitled to at least one category increase in state budget revenue,

Check that you have passed the driver test

Theoretical driving test test. What does the ministry say?

However, the Ministry of Infrastructure does not see the legitimacy of Jacek Wilk's objections and claims that the tests for different categories are different.

The theoretical part of the state driving test for different categories of driving licenses varies. This applies in particular to the questions contained in the second part of the examination, entitled 'Professional'. For example, in the case of Category A license, do not ask people who are being investigated for questions about the specificity of truck management – it recalls the words of Deputy Minister Andrzej Bittel, the website.

He also pointed out that:

  • regulations are changing with time
  • drivers often receive more categories in a long time.

Drivers therefore have a chance refreshing your knowledge on traffic regulations. Wilk's argument about budget revenue from duplicated theoretical driving tests was considered by the ministry to be "irrelevant".


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