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Passengers from the Beijing-Warsaw Line will not forget that they have long been on this route with LOT Polish Airlines. As reported by passengers, it is not enough to wait for 10 hours before they were called up, they were also asked to be released to repair the pump on the plane. The carrier denied initially, but already in Warsaw, a member of the LOT board gave the passengers money.

UPDATE: As we were able to find out – immediately after arriving in Warsaw, a group of passengers who "forgave" the fee for the missing part of the Dreamliner in Beijing were asked to stay at the airport. Maciej Wilk – member of the LOT Board of Directors met with them.

We have succeeded in achieving the results of this meeting.

– I know that today you have met a totally unusual exceptional situation for which I would very much apologize. Please, believe me or not, but in fact, there was a situation where a warehouse employee in Beijing refused to accept any form of payment other than cash and that's why confusion arose, Wilk said to amazing travelers.

– Mr Krzysztof, our representative in Beijing is quite … [tu nastąpiła długa pauza – przyp. red.] unusual decision – he went on. – But I'm grateful to him that the plane flew that he was able to move the plane to Warsaw. All this could not happen without the state, so thank you very much for it, sorry for the whole situation.

Immediately after, Wilk returned the borrowed sums to a group of passengers (totaling just over PLN 1,300) and handed out "little gifts", that is, tickets for the next flight. This group belonged to Daniel, a Silesian entrepreneur who had previously alerted Newsweek publishers.

When someone asked one of the passengers or LOT, "normal situation", he definitely replied that "this situation is not normal, our representative was ready to make a transfer, pay by card".

Mr. Daniel and other passengers who had flights to other cities in Poland on Monday were provided with a hotel.

LOT initially denied that the situation described in Newsweek on Monday would have appeared at all. A spokesman for the company said in a media interview that passengers "can misunderstand the situation." In the announcement, the company said that "information on the collection of money between passengers to correct the defect is not true".

"Employee decision was wrong"

After midnight, LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki contacted us. "We have already explained what happened in Beijing," he said. He informed that it was a matter of Boeing's employee and employee. – The Boeing employee responsible for the issue of the part assumed payment in cash. He did not have the right, because our settlements are cashless – explained Kubicki.

As it turned out, the LOT employee did not have the equivalent amount in cash. – It also explains it because it had the means to pay – says the LOT spokesman. – Our employee wanted to speed up the departure of the already deferred aircraft to Poland. According to his accounts, he decided to apply for support for a small group of passengers he claims to know. It was his only decision, he did not consult with anyone.

Adrian Kubicki explains that although he understands Mr Krzysztof's good intentions, from the company's point of view, "the decision was bad." – Never at any stage should passengers not bind to get part or money – explains the spokesperson. – We draw conclusions and consequences from this situation.

What happened in Beijing?

The Dreamliner team member noticed this problem just after landing at the airport in China during the review. – When we came under the gate, one of the engines was opened. At that time, before 8am local time, they tried to identify the problem – said Daniel, a businessman from Silesia, one of more than two hundred passengers of the Dreamliner 787 fighter.

What did you check? – Hydraulic fluid has escaped. It was necessary to replace one of the hydraulic pumps – later Konrad Majszyk explained from the LOT press office in an interview.

The repair lasted about 10 hours. You had to find a problem, take care of the parts, look for an engineer and just replace the pump. Although the carrier has ensured that passengers have been accommodated during the repair of the defect, PPL LOT customers are not expecting it at all.

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Quiet tray

As Majszyk explains, LOT has airplane maintenance agreements at all airports where the flights are. The same is theoretically in Beijing, where service is provided by Chinese society. "The few hours of delay that arise do not stem from technical problems, but from the fact that the fault had to be traced, repaired, and then the aircraft checked and issued permission to restart," Majszyk explained in an interview with PAP.

In the light of these assurances, even more surprising is the confusion that has arisen at the airport. – The most bizarre was when Mr Krzysztof, who is a flight manager or a deputy, asked passengers who have cash, yuan, because mechanics must pay, Daniel said. Reason why? There was a problem with sending money from LOT accounts.

– We're at an international airport. I do not believe he is sitting here in cash under the table, with a mechanic on the plane. No eggs! – he was indignant

Photo: Newsweek

As Daniel told us, Mr Krzysztof managed to collect about 2,500 Chinese yuan from passengers, which is just over PLN 1,300. – What service was it, what it was, what did it mean? – The passenger was nervous after nearly ten hours of waiting between scandals, cries, and the impatience of the children. "Some of them lost confidence, they did not know if the plane was in operation, they were wondering if changing the flight to another – he added.

LOT denies that there is a fundraiser

"The Boeing 787 Dreamliner with the SP-LRH registration number was removed in Beijing in accordance with the appropriate procedure." The LO92 is on its way to Warsaw. "The PPL LOT statement, issued in Monday afternoon.

"We have been told that we will explain all the circumstances of this event, and we apologize to our passengers for the delays and inconvenience caused by this" – was written in an e-mail response by the editorial Newsweek.

Output with pump

The plane was repaired and flew from Beijing 13 Polish time. He arrived in Warsaw at around 22. It was planned to be around 11.40 on Monday. Passengers who have been delayed for at least three hours may apply for a refund of EUR 600.

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