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Energy, pedophilia and the most passionate advertising campaign of the year

Not yet February, and the producer of Devil's energy drinks has a chance to win a year's disappointing competition. Promotes a poster with a naked boy and a slogan "Roman already knows what will soon be in his mouth …".

Internet marketing owners have had to crawl on the tables like ferrets to digest this ad. I have no doubt that they are excited about themselves. Their great idea was to have a claw, be rebellious and playful like Patryk Vega. And although such a bar hangs so low that even Familia's jokes fly over it like the pigs in the sky, they have failed. The joke, the controversy, and the humor served by the devil are like the jokes of the worst wedding uncle just before he elegantly puts his head in the remnants of a vegetable lettuce.

How Devil was funny, but it did not work.

A naked boy poster with an open mouth and incredibly great signature appeared on the profile of the Devil energy drink producer. "Roman already knows what will soon be in his mouth …". You do not have to be a combination of players in the yard to see the sexual context here. The fact that a kilometer also smells with pedophile associations makes even the hard-line supporters of the defensive line just a joke, the face is a little pale. However, we may learn that some things are not jitters, such as pedophilia. If you are scared by hundreds of suggestions and suggestions about young boys and oral sex, talk to them with your friends in the cellar, but do not go with them and do not put them on posters.

The poster has been removed from Facebook, but if someone really wants it, they see it on Instagram.

The last punishment was too small?

This brilliant campaign is part of a larger unit that the energy industry has already paid for. A similar photo, but with a woman and the words "He already knows what's in his mouth … ", The District Court in Legnica has already appreciated six months ago. At that time the company was captured by 60,000 people punishment. It turns out that it is not enough.

Theoretically, we're used to ads with sexual undertones. When I see a bad woman in a difficult attitude, I first start thinking about the condition of the roof tiles, and when calculating the size of the roof, the chances of erotic excitement are multiplied, multiplied by the cost of materials adding work. Devil was punished for a previous campaign, but Internet users' reactions were not so clear. Fortunately, it is now. Sexualization of children is a limit that can not be exceeded. Fortunately.


It is not known whether the devil is trying to get out of the crisis or planned action earlier but the brand is now trying to convince us that a poster with a bullying child was part of a social campaign informing that energy drinks should be banned for minors.

The message of the campaign is correct, but the fact that Devil used a naked child with a visibly open mouth and a signature that has a sexual subtext is always condemned.

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