Final Fantasy XV DLC will be instead instead of four. The game director has left

Final Fantasy XV had a very long and varied life, but these plans were quickly changed.

This is what is called the conspiracy plot. The situation is not as dramatic as if Telltale Games and The Walking Dead had melted away: The final season was in the middle of history, but the DLC feature for Final Fantasy XV was a major addition to the game. Explain a lot of inaccuracies, more sense for some events, and even add a new end to the story of the main character.

Now, however, it turned out to be nothing. Scheduled for 2019, four supplements were lifted. Only the first of them, the main antagonist Ardynie, will appear next spring. And that's where Final Fantasy XV ends.

Where does the event come from? The most important reason is the departure of the game director.

Hajime Tabata left the studio and started his projects. As a result, Luminous Productions, the Square Enix indoor studio composed mainly of the team responsible for Final Fantasy XV, instead of choosing the next DLC, will focus on "new" – specifically large, high-budget AAA games. Even worse, all these revelations were introduced during the special program Final Fantasy XV called the Special Program. Players did not expect such a "specialty" …

The special turn of events, especially given that Luminous Productions under the direction of Tabata was formed this year. Something, of course, did not click and the director no longer wanted to stay with Final Fantasy XV anymore. Even though the game was well received. "Fifteen" turned out to be the fastest selling Finale in history and in September the number of copies sold was over eight million. But as you can see, nothing is known in the gaming industry.

The title has already received several other DLCs, numerous patches and even a modified pocket version for smartphones and switches. Soon, new, more cosmetic content related to Final Fantasy XIV and Multiplayer is coming up. Then the spring feature is added … and the end.

3/4 other content deleted, the director leaves … Bad epilogue for good game.

Yuji Shinoda, producer of the only upcoming DLC, emphasized that the studio still wants fans to provide something that would show how the history of discarded add-ons would look. It would be nice because without it Final Fantasy XV may seem a bit leaky. Let us also hope that the goodbye with the game will be at a sufficiently high level.

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