Finish "Today your face is sounding" We have a performance of Rafał Satan. Will it win?

On Saturday night a huge final of the program "Your face sounds well known" will be broadcast. A hundred thousand zloty for the chosen charity will fight: Adrian Kálska, Marek Molak, Rafał Szatan and Mateusz Ziółko.

"Your face sounds familiar." Rafał Szatan as Michael

In the last episode, participants choose the characters they want to play. Who Rafał Szatan decided to turn? It's Michael Bolton. As far as makeup is concerned, Rafało resembles the original.

And how does he sing? Will it be a winning performance? Check out the program snippet:

Fina³ "Your Face Sounds Famous" on Saturday, November 17, 22:15 in Polsat! Are you going to watch?


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