"I come with optimism and no fear of the stage"

Buksa played in Lechia colors in 2014-2016. At that time he recorded 16 games and scored one goal. During his stay in Gdansk, he had the opportunity to work closely with the club's coach and coach Jerzy Brzęczka. Now the attacker in Pogoń Szczecin plays and plays in this team and gains confidence in Brzęczka. However, as it highlights, the call

– This nomination was my goal, but I was aware that there was a lot of work ahead of me and I did not expect it to come that fast. We did a very good job in Pogon, and I knew that if I kept this available with boys, then it might be close to this meeting. The fact that we are in the team together with Hubert testifies that the coach has decided we deserve this call. Now we have to prove that Coach Brzęczek was right – he said.


He learned about this meeting directly from the manager. – I had no signals before, and coach Brzęczek suddenly called me. I was shown the number I had since playing in Lechia. My heart beat more, but at the same time I was very happy because I knew what this phone might be like. That's all the more because since we left the team in Gdansk, we did not contact, "he explained.

In the years 2014 and 2015, 22 years old had the opportunity to work with the current selector. – During his term of office, I had a serious chance in the first league, which was a little reduced by the injury suffered in the match against … Pogonią. I also played in prestigious sparrings and I remember very well this season. Also because I learned a lot and I am glad we have an opportunity to cooperate again. The training knows what to expect from me, it also knows its weaknesses and strengths. With such awareness, it was easier for me to join the team. Brzęczek's coach has already added my brick to my development, thanks to which I became a better player and gained confidence, Buksu confessed.


He admitted that he had appeared in a Tri-City training camp with great optimism and debut at the same time. – It's a new experience for me, but I'm not stressed. It's a great experience I want to make the best of it, and I hope it's not a one-time adventure, but it will be a standard for me. I did not come to apologize to anyone and ask for as little penalty as possible. I came to "sell", I have something to offer and I want to prove it. I'm about to become a proxy for a long time and determine strength in the future – he stressed.

The player realizes that there is a long way to a place in a red-and-white team. – There are many conditions I have to meet. It's work, regular play, development in many ways, not only technical and tactical but also good behavior. I have to pay attention to this because I am relatively young. And definitely the youngest in this group. Many work ahead of me, but I'm on the right track – he guessed.


Brzęczek admitted at a Monday press conference that he does not intend to build Bucks in the midst of an attack where the group is in a lot of competition but wants to check it in a different position. It's about help.

– I knew it from the beginning and I have no problem with it. I have already appeared on the wing, both on the left and on the right in Lechia, during the duration of coach Brzęczek. In this position, I felt good. It is true that the last matches in Pogoń played in the attack and it seems to me that number nine is optimal for me, but depending on the settings, I can also be a fake wingman and go in. I have a good shot from a distance, allowing me to work at the depths of the pitch, "he commented.

Pogoni has no single player on which he is modeled, but close to Robert Lewandowsky. – I think they will not be original when I say that this is a very good example for boys in Poland, how to lead a career and how to get out despite the difficult times. I'm trying to go this way. Of course, Robert hung up the bar very high, but I'm able to follow his path and develop like him, "Buksa summed up.

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