Kalamata in Tychy – Kitchen Revolution. Magda Gessler comes to action [OPINIE, MENU, CENY]

Kalamata Kitchen Revolution

Part of the Kitchen Revolutions in Tychy in the Zorba Greek Pub, Magda Gessler changed to Kalamata, will be available at TVN on Thursday November 8, 2018 at 21.30. How did the kitchen revolution go to the Greek pub of Kalamata? It's sure to be an episode full of emotions – even a fire brigade! Will Magda Gessler help in the restaurant? Soon we'll see.

If you are a fan of Magda Gessler and the Kitchen Revolution, do not forget:

Offer Kalamata, prices

What do you find in the Greek pub Kalamata in Tychy after the kitchen revolutions? What did Magda Gessler add to the menu? We offer selected items from the offer with prices:

  • GIOUVARLAKIA – a traditional sheep broth, flavored with fresh lemon juice and cream, served with lamb and pork meat beads – 15 PLN
  • HALLOUMI – grilled cheese from sheep, goat and cow's milk, served from tzatziki – PLN 15
  • BIFTEKI – pork and mutton pork fillets stuffed with feta cheese, potatoes in greek or rice, tzatziki – PLN 27
  • SOUFLAKI – grilled juicy pork pieces, long marinated in herbs, Greek potatoes or rice, tzatziki – PLN 26
  • KOLOKITHOKEFTEDES – zucchini goldfish served with grilled vegetables and tzatziki – PLN 20
  • GIAOURTI PAGOTA – hand made ice cream based on Greek yoghurt with ouzo and honey – 14 PLN

For those who are afraid to try out or do not like Greek cuisine, the Kalamata Tavern has also prepared typical Silesian dishes, including:

  • ROLAND – beef roll with Silesian dumplings and red cabbage – 28 PLN
  • SCHABOWY – pork cutlet with potato and fried cabbage – PLN 22
  • ŻUREK (WEEKENDY) – Slezska soup with sausage, potatoes, egg and bacon – PLN 13

Kalamata Review

The effects of Kitchen Revolutions in the Greek pub of Kalamata will be best proved by guests' opinions, which can be found on the Internet. The selected ones are listed below (original spelling, opinions may not be in line with editorial status):

– I recommend Bardzoo, a rich and varied menu, great food at a fairly good price. Waiting was not too long, during which we could taste a delicious starter. It was definitely not the last visit – says Piotr.

– I was with the whole family for dinner the next day after the Kitchen Revolutions, she thought, "WOW." Unfortunately, to my disappointment, it turned out that the restaurant is poor, unprepared and very slow service. We ordered the lamb's lamb's seat PAIDAKIA and the roasted peppers GEMISTA. Lambs on the plate screamed every cat and pepper taste and badly spiced. I'm disgusted after visiting this place and I think this restaurant has no value to recommend – Magdalena believes.

– Tasty food, the atmosphere of a small Greek pub. Minus is not happy with the staff – thinks Edyta.

– Food very good !!! But … The couple are coming and ordering the old man, the soup and the second bowl. The starter awakens alertness: one plate, three pieces. After some time comes the rest: one soup and one meal !!! Really ?????
Worse, sorry, nothing. The second soup came quite fast, but there was no talk of how to eat together.
No weak, nooo !!! – adds Marcin.

Kalamata episode online

Section Kitchen Revolution in the Greek pub in Tychy will be available on TVN on Thursday 8/11/2018 21.30. The Kitchen Revolution section of the Kalamata pub is also viewable online at player.pl:

Kalamata Kitchen Revolution online

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