Kasia Smutniak, praised the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy

"It's nice to see someone who uses common sense in the world of films," wrote Salvini on Twitter. He commented on the words of a Polish actress from an interview for the Italian weekly "Grazia" quoted on the social networking portal: "Here I live as a stranger, but when I visit parents, I feel Italian in every respect."

"I live in many countries, I consider myself small Roma, but one thing is certain: there is no racial hatred in Italy, though some would like to convince us of something else." The Italian film star says the problems, if any.

"Here I was welcomed when Poland was not yet part of the European Union, and I had to stop at 5 am to renew my right of residence," added Smutniak, one of the most popular actresses in Italy and many times appreciated.

Smutniak will soon see in "Loro," a film inspired by the billionaire's character, scandal, media tycoon and longtime Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The film will take place on December 28th in Polish cinemas.


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