PiS does not abandon the changes that the KNF leader has made

The fourth silence of Beata Szydło only exacerbates doubts about the former head of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority because he named Marek Chrzanowski for this position. On Wednesday – as the "Faktów" camera was registered – it was at the headquarters of the KNF before the CBA entered. The building left the hand in hand.

– It was expected that Mr. Marek Chrzanowski will fly from Singapore and clear the table before the CBA enters the KNF – says Nowoczesny chief Katarzyna Lubnauer.

– Everyone has the right to enter their workplace and accept their working tools – says PiS MP Jan Mosiński. "I have not seen this whole event, but I think he stays in this room without being alone," he says. – There is a suggestion that he should have done something at the time. I do not believe in such a thing – adds Andrzej Dera, the presidential minister.

The presidential belief in Marek Chrzanowski's sincerity and the delay in the work of the prosecutor's office and the Central Anticorruption Office do not convince the opposition, which requires the establishment of a commission of inquiry. He stresses that this problem for the government should not be controlled by the public prosecutor's office led by the government's minister.

Zbigniew Ziobro was on Friday at PiS headquarters in Nowogrodzce. Later on, a meeting of the Political Parties Committee commenced, at which the KNF subject appeared.

Political opposition has tried to investigate a matter at the Treasury as part of parliamentary scrutiny. Suddenly, when someone sends a statement to the prosecutor's office on 7 November, there is no need for a new law and just add three amendments to another law that will allow banks to take over – Jarosław Urbaniak said after visiting the ministry.

The headquarters of the KNF searches the Central Anticorruption Office, the investigation is underway, but the extraordinary meeting of the Sejm or the commission of inquiry will not – promises rulers. Event calendar, however, raises doubts about the opposition. They want the inquiry committee to clarify the request …


In March of this year, the head of the KNF said about the takeover of banks in an interview with the owner Getin Nobel Bank Leszek Czarnecki, which was published on Tuesday by Gazeta Wyborcza.

Another calendar looked like this:

On November 7, Leszek Czarnecki announced the case of the Prosecutor's Office.

On the same day, the party of law and justice tabled amendments that would allow banks to take over after the KNF decided. PiS launched a swift action on this issue and the opposition opposed it, which can be confirmed by following the debate in the Sejm Plenary Hall.

On November 8, the Prosecutor's Office knew about this case, and the rush was still visible at the Sejm Financial Committee meeting. The records from the commission are evidence that the head of the KNF has asked for rush on this matter. – We have received a letter from the chairman of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, asking for the most urgent management – said Deputy Finance Minister Piotr Nowak.

Already one day later – on 9 November – the law with amendments to the takeover of banks was abolished. On Wednesday, she highlighted the "Facts" about how the deputy chairman of the Sejm and the director of the law and justice club Ryszard Terlecki, who also announced changes, led the Sejm procedure. He was still on the telephone line. And when he quoted numbers and prints, and when he gave a voice when other people spoke. Still in the telephone communication.

– Someone really wanted changes to take place and online transmission would take place – comments Marcin Kierwiński from PO.

Ryszard Terlecki did not answer the question of who was in the telephone communications when he was dealing with a case that depended on the head of the KNF. The question about the case replies that "it's a fairy tale, it's funny."

CBA agents join the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, Ziobro promises to take firm steps under his personal supervision, and the opposition firmly demands an investigation. In the Amber Gold case, a political umbrella was asked for a group on Rywin's case …

"We will continue to work"

In spite of all these doubts, PiS does not see the reasons for appointing an investigative commission on this matter. Nor did it decide to stop the Senate from working on the changes. – There is no such need, we will work and continue to work – spokeswoman Beata Mazurek said.

The prosecutor's office first reported that on Friday, Leszek Czarnecki, the head of the KNF in Katowice, should be heard. Later, his envoy, Roman Giertych, informed "Facts" that he had agreed with the prosecutor's office and that the hearing would begin at the beginning of next week.

A recorded interview by the former head of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority with the private bank owner is not just trade and politics. This is the question of the credibility of the institution that is supposed to protect and control banks and the issue of money …

Author: Jakub Sobieniowski
Source: TVN Facts

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