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Refuel on the highway before the weekend. It's cheaper than in big cities

PLN 5 20 groszy – this is how much an average per liter of gas you have to pay to the driver during this year's picnic. A liter of diesel costs PLN 5 16 grosz. A liter of gas is a load of around 25 PLN grosz. Expensive? It's not cheap, but as a driver we have a short memory.

Exceptionally, the Mayan journey was … seven years ago, in 2012.

Then each driver per liter of diesel had to give up to 5 zlotys 76 gr. For one liter of Pb95 fuel it was necessary to pay up to 5 PLN 87 PLN.

And the result? Every 100 kilometers – in a car with an average consumption of 7 liters – it costs 41 zlotys. The 1000 kilometer long route from southern Poland to the sea was around 420 PLN.

Today? It's almost 60 PLN less. And that's a big difference.

Highway station so cheap

Where to refuel in the coming days? It is better to complete the car on well-proven stations during the journey – for example, taking advantage of the local market. In principle, each intersection can be considered a micro enterprise, and there may be several grosse differences between several districts and streets in the same city. Just look around.

In other price poles, there were usually stations on motorways. In the opinion of drivers they are expensive and not worth it at all. It's just that it's a mistake during this year's picnic.

This is particularly evident at more than 20 stations on the Orlen interstate. Service locations.

In recent days, Orlen's prizes are among the lowest in Poland. They are even around 5.12 zł per diesel and 5.21 zł per liter Pb95. In principle, they do not exceed the average for the whole country.

And yet they are prizes known from stations in cities. This cheap fuel doesn't even offer … Warsaw petrol stations that have no problem with customer shortages. On the Aleje Jerozolimskie, on the way to the capital, gasoline is even a dozen or less lower.

Even more surprisingly, the maintenance costs of a highway station, rental conditions and conditions mean that it usually does not earn on these stations, so a higher margin is needed. A total of 91 motorways, nearly half of which belong to Orlen, were nationally up to December 2018.

Interestingly, fuel prices at Polish stations have remained stable since Easter.

What affects the fuel cost of a station?

On the Polish market, high oil prices in the world and the dollar exchange rate are decisive. Currently, the dollar is strong – so fuel prices in currencies other than the dollar are simply higher.

However, it is worth noting that fuels at stations in Poland are among the cheapest in Europe. Are you going abroad? Fill under the traffic jam in the country.
Of all EU countries, gasoline prices are lower than in Poland only in Lithuania and Bulgaria. However, these are minor differences. In Lithuania, there are several thousand, in the cheapest Bulgaria about 33-groszowe.

By comparison, in similar wealth as Poland Portugal, a liter of gasoline costs an average of 1.81 PLN more.

On the other hand, as far as diesel is concerned, lower prices in EU countries are only in Bulgaria (difference only 7 grams), Lithuania (difference 36 gr) and Luxembourg (difference 38 gr).

What else is worth remembering? Contrary to popular opinion, the share of excise duty and VAT on the final price of fuel in Poland is also one of the lowest in the EU.

The lower cost of these gasoline costs is only available in Luxembourg, Romania and Bulgaria.

In the case of diesel, these are Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria and Luxembourg. Other countries? They have a higher or similar tax burden.

Why is it the most expensive in Warmia and Mazury?

According to statistics, the cheapest fuel can currently be found in Opole Voivodeship. The most expensive, for years, is the domain of Warmia and Mazury. However, the differences are not significant – they are exactly 0.10 PLN for diesel and 0.01 PLN for Pb95.

The price does not depend on the greed of the station owner. Other factors make decisions. The price of fuel usually depends on oil prices on world stock exchanges (Yes, tax and excise duty affects its size, but it is so). However, the local market has some minor differences. This means the location of the station, the cost of its maintenance and the sales potential.

Why are Warmia and Mazuria usually at the forefront of the most expensive refueling sites?

For example, by transporting fuels in the region. The only method is rail and road, there are no pipelines. And that increases the price. In addition, the state of the roads alone leaves much to be desired and there are few.

The Warsaw-Masurian Voivodeship is only eleventh, with 91.2 km of roads per 100 km, and Poland's average of 134.4 km. Rail transport is also underdeveloped.

Another factor is very little competition. The principle is simple: the more stations in a given location, the cheaper.

UOKiK data show that there are 388 stations throughout the province. This means that there are only 1.6 stations per 100 km2. For comparison, in Poland this ratio is 3.3 per 100 km2.

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