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The chairman signed the budget for 2019

President Andrzej Duda signed a budget for 2019 – the president's office announced on Thursday.

The Budget President signed on January 30th.

This year's budget assumes revenue from the state budget in 2019 will reach PLN 387.6 billion, planned expenditures of PLN 416.1 billion. This means that the state budget deficit will not exceed PLN 28.5 billion. The Ministry of Finance, when drafting the draft law, assumed that the general government deficit (calculated according to the EU methodology) was 1.7 percent. Of GDP.

Macroeconomic assumptions

According to the Chancellery of the President, "preparing macroeconomic assumptions for budgetary law purposes, it was assumed that: Gross Domestic Product Growth in 2019 will be 3.8 percent, the registered unemployment rate at the end of the year will be 5.6 percent, Consumer Price Index services will increase by 2.3 percent, while the average zloty exchange rate will be 4.15 zlotys per euro and 3.34 zloty per dollar. "

In addition, the government deficit is estimated to be PLN 41,4 billion in 2019, while the public debt in nominal terms will increase by PLN 52,2 billion. Under this assumption, the ratio of government debt to GDP will be 46.6%. – we read in the report.

The most important budget numbers

It is assumed that the tax revenues of the state budget will amount to PLN 359.7 billion, including:

PLN 179 billion – from taxes on goods and services. PLN 73 billion – excise duty, PLN 2 billion 80 million – game tax, PLN 34.8 billion – corporation tax, PLN 643 billion – personal income tax 1.4 billion PLN tax on mining and 4 , PLN 5 billion – due to tax for some financial institutions – are listed.

"The following amounts are expected to fall on non-tax revenues: PLN 4,2 billion, dividends and payments on profits – PLN 2,8 billion, revenue from government budgetary units and other non-tax revenues – PLN 16,2 billion and payments from local government of units – PLN 2.6 billion No revenue from the Polish National Bank's income was planned in the Budget Act 2019. The amount of revenues from EU funds and other non-returnable sources is estimated at PLN 2.2 billion "- recalls communique .

What programs?

It was stressed that "the expenditure limit set in the Budget Act 2019 includes, among other things, the funding of the" Family 500 Plus "and" Good Start "programs, the introduction of the so- Small ZUS ", the payment of additional parental benefits to persons, at least 4 children, and for the long-term employment of the offspring did not reach a pension amounting at least to the minimum old-age pension, the increase in wages in the state budget, the consequences of reducing the retirement age to 60 years for women and 65 years for men , indexation of retirement benefits, increased amount of social income, implementation of family benefits, payment of a one-time benefit of PLN 4 000, including the cost of services in accordance with the Law on the Promotion of Pregnant Women and Families.

It was also expected to increase national defense expenditure, raise teachers' salaries, increase subsidies for emergency medical services, co-financing of free medicines, special nutrition foods and medical aids for people over 75, implementation of multi-annual investment programs in the field of culture, and the protection of national heritage, the increase in expenditure on higher education and science, the implementation of subsidies for agricultural fuel at an increased level. "

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