The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is cracked at the seams

The French government wants to do everything to calm the Renault scandal. Unlike previous information from the Elysée Palace, Carlos Ghosn is unlikely to be removed from office as president and CEO, but will be suspended.

Carlos Ghona does not want the Japanese. And it really is was the only one to join all three companies that have become part of the alliance: Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi, Osama Masuko, openly say: There is no one on this country who could lead our three companies together. And although we currently have bosses at the head of the two companies that are part of the alliance, the Renault chief is gone – said the Mitsubishi chief.

The Japanese will not forgive

Carlos Ghosn has just saved Renault, Nissan and then Mitsubishi. He had ideas on how to deepen their relationships, increase profitability, and become independent. Capital ties in the alliance are rather complicated. Renault has 43.4%. shares in Nissan, Nissan 15 percent in Renault (but without voting rights) and 34 percent. on Mitsubishi. In addition, the French state still has 19.2%. in Renault, which is also the owner of Nissan. The Order of Ghosn influenced the rating of all three companies. Renault shares lost 4.8 percent on Tuesday, 5.45 percent in Nissan and 6.85 percent in Mitsubishi.

Japanese press says to arrest Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi boss / photo: Akio Kon / Bloomberg

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, who was in the afternoon afternoon full of indignation over the head of the alliance, claimed that Carlos Ghosn, in his opinion, was unable to fulfill his mandate, but many questions still need clarification, And the French tax authorities have found no inconsistencies in statements by Carlos Gosn. He did, however, still await papers from Japan that he had been promised. Only in Japan is threatened up to ten years in prison for tax fraud and the use of corporate money for private purposes. According to the Japanese law, the court has twice to blame the accused, otherwise he has to release him. According to unofficial information, charges are filed on December 7, the day before the end of this period.

Polish jumpers are waiting

For now, President and CEO of Renault, the French government has chosen Thierry Bollore, formerly No. 2 in fear. Bollore is an experienced player in the industry, previously working in Michelin, Faurecia and Renault himself, where Carlosa Tavares (current PSA president) was the closest associate of Carlo Ghosna. For the time being, Bollore has announced that he is still loyal to his boss, but can take the lead at any moment for the good of society.

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However, it is unlikely that Carlos Ghosn will return to Renault's headquarters, let alone the entire Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, The Japanese do not forgive such waste, and the scandal comes with genuine Asian patience since the 2010 financial year, when Ghosn did not first give the full amount received in Nissan. Since then, he has earned nearly $ 90 million, of which he has not produced more than PLN 44 million. In addition, the company's money was financed by the construction of its residences in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam. The first three cities were obvious in a sense – Carlos Ghosn comes from Lebanon, grew up in Brazil and lived in Paris. It has now turned out that Amsterdam also has a place in this plan, the capital of a country known for its free tax policy.

Carlos Ghosn / photo by Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg

It is also important that Poland eventually becomes Renault's president and whether the company decides to continue to support the team of Polish ski jumpsAlready during the last Wisła competition, Kamil Stoch and his colleagues in their pants had the Renault logo.

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