The Treasury may ask young couples for wedding expenses

Can young husbands expect to be asked for a tax office to explain how much their wedding expenses? Such controls are carried out in several places in the country, and the "treasury" has challenged at least a few hundred pairs for this occasion. What exactly?

In one of the summons, the Chief Commissioner will ask 11 questions. Among other things, this is the place where and when the wedding ceremony took place, what amount was paid for the rental of the room together with the catering service that decorated the premises and the church, who and how many pictures at the wedding and who (and for what amount) .

– Our friends had seven days to answer the question – the young Głogów spouses tell us that they are afraid that a similar call will come to them. – It's been a year since our wedding. It would be strangely uncomfortable to listen to the office from our family party.

Radosław Pilus, head of the Tax Office in Głogów, admits that, although in other Polish regions, newlyweds are invited, we do not. Well, in justified cases. – It's true that these are legitimate questions, but we do not do such activities – he assures. – However, it may happen that individual cases have been or will be dealt with if there is a concern that the business gastronomic organization has not shown all the proceeds.

If you receive such a request, it is worth knowing that you do not need to pass any invoices or confirmations in the US. – Newlyweds do not have to worry about anything. Let rogue entrepreneurs be left out – explains that Mr. Piluś admits that there are many services in the so-called "gray zone" in the area of ​​wedding organization. He also confirmed that the US plans to carry out more checks on the registration of the turnover in the cashier.

"We are currently conducting a single drive towards a gourmet entrepreneur, and everything indicates that he has not registered all sales," added Radosław Piluś.

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