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Unusual situation in Sokółce. So the students greet the Deputy Minister Zieliński [WIDEO]

Author: Mariusz Grzelak / REPORTER

Deputy Interior Minister Jarosław Zieliński visited Sokółka in 2016 and met with students. However, the record of this event has now only been spread on the Internet – a flash of lightning. Why? Because you can see and hear how children welcome politics with a loud shout: the Minister, I encourage the head of Podlasie uniforms.

The recording of Sokółka TV's local TV comes from a meeting with Deputy Interior Minister and Administration in 2016. However, the popularity has only been gained now. You can see, among other things, Chief of Police Commander of Podlasie Daniel Kołnierowicz. The policeman was particularly vocal on Wednesday because he spoke about police at one of the regional radio stations, Zielinski said.

And it was a matter raised by the Božena Kamińska Vice-President, who recently stated that she had received information that the police would take care of the Deputy Minister's assets. – If Mrs. Kaminski likes to use so many anonymous, maybe we can announce the best anonymous competition about Mrs. Kaminski in the air. About real estate, business travel, about current activities – said Kołnierowicz in the air Suwałki Radio 5.

She was the police chief of Podlasie, an attentive internauts recorded on the recording two years ago. The policeman encouraged children to welcome the Deputy Minister: I scream at my slogan: I am, Minister! Yes?. The children immediately echoed the commander with enthusiasm. So it looked like:

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