Who was Miss Polonia 2018? PHOTOGRAPHIC RESULTS FROM GALA The title was awarded to Milena Sadowska. Who won? Final Gala 10.11 in Serock

Who was Miss Polonia 2018 RESULTS Who won?

  • Miss Polonia 2018 – Milena Sadowska
  • I am Vice-President of Poland 2018 – Martyna Góraková
  • Second vicemajster Polonia 2018 – Patrycja Woźniak

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Milena Sadowska Miss Polonia 2018. Who is she?

The new Miss Polonia was 19-year-old Milena Sadowska. It comes from Babice village near Krakow.

It is 175 cm tall. In October she began studying at the University of Papee in Krakow. Milena Sadowska is interested in fashion, riding is also one of her passions. He speaks English. One of her dreams is to visit the United States.

When was Miss Polonia 2018 finished? How many hours does the festivity begin?

final Miss Polonia 2018 will be held on Saturday 10 November in Serock near Warsaw. The final gala will start at 20 at Narvil Hotel. 20 beautiful women are fighting for the title. Winner of the contest Miss Polonia 2018 will receive an amber crown worth 50,000 and will represent Poland in international beauty competitions around the world: Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Grand International.

Final Lady Polonia 2018 LIVE STREAM LIVE TRANSFER 10.11 from 20

Final Gala Miss Polonia 2018 will host Patricia Kazadi and Olivier Janiak. The finalists will be featured on several fashion shows: Bandenburg, Gabbiano, Born2Be, Pina Collection, La Perle and Andżeliki Chruścińska evening dress and Secret Angel.

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Miss Polonia 2018 selects the jury. Viewers – Miss Audience

About which candidate gets the title Miss Polonia 2018 the jury will decide which will include Ewa Wachowicz – Miss Polonia 1992 and Wicemiss World 1992, Aleksandra Stajszczak – Miss Polonia 1993, Tomasz Ciachorowski – actor, Stefano Terrazzino – dancer and singer, actor Michał Mikołajczak.

Miss Audience will also be selected. Her viewers are influenced by his choice. Just send SMS with MISSPOLONIA content. Candidate number at number 73601 (price 3.69 PLN with VAT / SMS). Voting takes until 10 November 2018 until 21:00.

What was the preparation for Miss Polonia 2018 final? Agata Biernat helped the candidates

Previously in Serock, on Zegrz, finalists Miss Polonia 2018 during a special grouping they were preparing for the final gala. What did these preparations look like? What did the candidates learn during the grouping? Contemporary Miss Polonia Agata Biernat talked about the final stages and her career. How do you remember your year with the crown on your head? Was it a busy period?

Finalist Miss Poland 2018. Candidates for the title:

  1. JESICA WALECKA, Chełmża, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province, 19 years, height 171 cm
  2. MAGDALENA KACZMARZYK, province Iłża mazowieckie, 22 years, height 173cm
  3. PATRYCJA WOZNIAK, province Łask Lodz, 19 years, height 173cm
  4. MILENA SADOWSKA, Babice, province Lesser Poland, 19 years, height 175 cm
  5. NATALIA ULIASZ, Bytom, Silesian Province, 26 years, height 175cm
  6. AGATA DORODKO, Soleczniki, Lithuania, 18 years old, height 175cm – Miss Polonia Lithuania
  7. SYLWIA STASIÑŠKA, province Gdańsk Pomerania, 20 years, height 175cm
  8. KAROLINA URBAŃSKA, Rybno, province warmińsko-mazurskie, 19 years, height 176cm
  9. ZUZANNA SMAGA, Radom, province mazowieckie, 21 years, height 176cm
  10. MAGDALENA KARWACKA, Warsaw, province mazowieckie, 21 years, height 176cm
  11. PAULINA OLSZYNA, Kalisz, Province of Wielkopolskie, 24 years, height 176 cm
  12. MARTYNA GÓRAK, Kiedrzyn, province Masovian, 23 years, height 176cm
  13. OLIWIA FIJAŁKOWSKA, Chełm, province of Lublin, 21 years, height 177 cm
  14. NATALIA ZAWIŚLAK, Kutno, Łódź Province, 19 years, height 177 cm
  15. MAGDALENA CZECH, Opoczno, province Lodz, 23 years, height 178 cm
  16. TERESA MIGLEWICZ, province Gdańsk Pomerania, 25 years, height 179 cm
  17. ELIZA JAKUBOWSKA, Warsaw, province mazowieckie, 26 years, height 180cm
  18. AGATA WĄSACZ, province of Sopot Pomeranian, 21 years, 181 cm tall
  19. ALEKSANDRA PECHAL, Warsaw, province Mazowieckie, 18 years, 181 cm tall
  20. WERONIKA KARCZEWSKA, Raszyn, Masovian Province, 20 years, height 184cm
  21. KAROLINA GRODZKA, Rzeszów, Province of Podkarpackie, 21 years, height 184cm

Election Miss Polonia. Tradition competition

Miss Polonia is one of the oldest beauty contests in the world. The first choice of the most beautiful Polish woman took place on January 27, 1929 at the Polonia Hotel. Ten finalists were selected based on the submitted photos. When the writer Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński invented the name "Miss Polonia", he could not assume that he was part of an action that would achieve international success and attract the attention of millions of observers from all over the world.

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For many Polish women, Miss Polonia's competition was the beginning of a great career. The title was also won by Aneta Kręglicka, Ewa Wachowicz, Bogna Sworowska, Rozalia Mancewicz, Marcelina Zawadzka, Paulina Krupinska and many others.


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