A BOLA – "I came to Real Madrid talks with Wegner in a gym in Italy" (Arsenal)

Until the arrival of Nasser Al Kheliafi and QSI, Paris Saint-Germain had seven different presidents, one of whom was Charles Villeneuve. Former President gave an interview with Paris United, on Saturday, where he revealed that Real Madrid wanted to hire Arsen Wenger and that he had witnessed a hearing.

"Two clubs always wanted him as a coach, I was watching Real Madrid with him at a gym in Italy," Villeneuve said, adding, "But he decided to stay at Arsenal."

The coach himself revealed in May that he had a huge offer from Madrid in 2009, which he subsequently refused to betray his club.

"When we built the stadium, they asked me five years to commit the Arsenal," said the coach. The French also refused the hypothesis that after the end of Lopetegui was the offer of offers.

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