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Amazon wants to create new music with excellent sound quality on CD

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After releasing Amazon Music for free to users, Amazon wants to create a new music streaming service with excellent sound quality than CDs. The information was released this Friday (26) by Music Business Worldwide.

The CD bit rate is 1411 kbps, and Amazon Music – Prime Music and Music Unlimited currently offer streams of up to 265 Kbps. The new service would cost about $ 15 a month (nearly $ 59).

Although Spotify, Amazon's biggest rival in the United States, has enjoyed CD-quality audio, the bit rate currently offered is 320 kbps. Meanwhile, Apple Music is 256 kbps.

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Earlier this week, Amazon released Amazon Music for free for users with Echo

The new Amazon service would face direct competition from Tidal Streaming for $ 20 (approximately $ 78). Tidal suggestion is also to offer high quality sound. In this case, streaming can maintain Kbps quality from partnership with MQA.

According to information, Amazon wants to offer a better bit rate than CD, but without partnership. The company would discuss this matter with the record company to license the songs for the new service. A large music company would already be interested in streaming.

If it does, high quality audio services will further increase Amazon's capabilities. Currently, the company offers free Amazon Music, which is only allowed from Echo devices. This version gives you access to a list of 2 million songs and playlists for free, but of course with ads.

If you want to access multiple tracks (about 48 million), the user can choose Amazon Music Unlimited with prices that vary depending on how many devices you have and whether you are an existing Amazon Prime participant. Signature starts at $ 3.99 and reaches $ 7.99.

Source: The Verge

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