Aveiro GNR Command Area celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Mealhada

On April 25, in the Mealhada district, a ceremony was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Aveiro Territorial Command of the National Republican Guard (GNR) on November 10th. This was the first year in which the anniversary was celebrated outside the barracks door, in a position close to the population.

The rainy day marked the celebration of the Aveiro Territorial Command from GNR, but various civilians and military relatives left the April 25th class to attend a military ceremony attended by the Guard Inspector, Major General Maurício Simão Tendeiro Raleiras, Commander of the Aveiro Territorial Command, Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto, Mayor of Mealhady, Rui Marqueiro, as well as other members of the community and other representatives of official, military and religious persons.

"We celebrate today (November 10), in this village, for the first time outside the door of the barracks, our holiday", Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto, Commander of the Aveiro Territorial Command

At the sounds of the national anthem, celebrations with military singing "A Portuguesa" began in the middle of Avenida 25 de Abril. At that time, Commander of the Aveiro Territorial Command, Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto, said a few words about ephemeris, celebrated on November 10: "We celebrate for the first time outside the barracks our holiday" to "fill today and in this way, which in our opinion gives meaning and reason to our long existence – were close and close to the population. "

Quest Commander Aveiro also said in his speech that "institutions are always a reflection of their goals, principles and values ​​that inform them and which naturally evolve according to future needs and challenges", but also all those who work in them. Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto took the opportunity to say hello to former Aveiro territorial commanders, companies and territorial groups Aveiro and S. João da Madeira who introduced themselves to the ceremony as inspiration for performing ever better work, "Do the best of your the effort, the honor and the dignity of the image of this unit and the National Republic Guard. "I assure you that your inheritance, determination and knowledge will be a valuable stimulus that will encourage us to do more and better."

Crimes against property declined by 6.1% compared to 2017,

Also celebrated in this celebration was the activity developed by the Aveiro Territorial Headquarters by September 30, as "The Single Day should also serve to evaluate the activity developed throughout the year" because Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto. As such, and compared to previous year's figures in the same time period, the Aveiro Territorial Headquarters recorded a fall in crime by 2.1% in general, with 9,728 crimes registered this year. The same logic of decline is that of crimes against property that dropped by 6.1% compared to 2017, and 4 270 crimes were reported this year, and according to Colonel Nélsón Manuel Machado Couto, "this kind of crime is one of those who cause more 164 criminal offenses, a decrease of 2% over the previous year, resulting in 2 039 arrests, 235 weapons and 6 165 ammunition confiscated.

In the area of ​​domestic violence, crime has increased by 11%, taking into account the data for the previous year. 1,021 allegations were reported and 22 attackers were arrested. In the case of forest fire crimes, a total of 518 fires were reported, four were arrested and 27 suspected firefighters were found as the commander of the Aveiro Territorial Command advanced. Concerning traffic accidents, there were 5,890 accidents, resulting in 21 deaths, 25% less than in 2017.

The operational data shared by Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto represent a small part of the work done by the army, as stated by the Commander of the Aveiro Territorial Command but revealing the "commitment, determination and values ​​of the military and civilian personnel of this Territorial Command". The quality recognized by the Guardian General, General Maurício Simão Tendeiro Rendeiras, "With regard to community support, I emphasize measures to combat forest fires, Leslie storms, accompanying sporting events and cultural events taking place in this region, including national and international championship of ice hockey, "and confirmed that everyone" was ready to fulfill your noble mission of guaranteeing security, peace and tranquility. "- our citizens, despite the difficulties," adding "with competence, determination and altruism, are able to transform individual forces into collective success to contribute to the goal of the guards, which will provide greater and better security. "

"With competence, determination and altruism, you have been able to transform individual strength into collective success", Major General Maurício Simão Tendeiro Rendeiras, Guard Inspector

"Law and Grei", this is the motto of the GNR army. The motto that everyone is following and to whom Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto encourages never to lose sight, nor does he forget that "society is ever more demanding, more interventionist, more cultivated, legislation is constantly changing, more advanced, and the world of crime is becoming more and more sophisticated ", and therefore means that they are not" in your permanent updating and formation, "they always knew that" authority is always better accepted when it is conquered because it often leads to rebellion, so be sure to gain this authority. "

Convicted in the determination, dedication and professionalism of the Aveiro Territorial Command Army, Major General Maurício Simão Tendeiro Raleiras ended his speech by saying that "your efforts will result in the National Republican Guard being recognized as a human security force, tight and reliable."

At the holiday, the soldiers received three medals

At the end of the ceremony, awards were given to soldiers and civilians who were registered with GNR in the abovementioned Aveiro. In this context, three medals were awarded: military merit, public safety and exemplary behavior.

The Medal of Military Merit, designed to distinguish soldiers who "revealed exceptional qualities and military virtues by constant confirmation of the high character foundations, loyalty, self-confidence, soul of obedience and obedience and professional competence" as explained by the ceremony champion, was assigned to Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Carlos Operations Division and Public Relations Department), Infantry Captain João Pedro Antunes Rodrigues (Commander of the Territorial Unit of Aveiro) and Assistant to the Infantry Officer Paulo Manuel Soares Sousa Ribeiro (Commander of the Oliveira de Azeméis Territorial Unit).

As for the difference with the public security merit medal imposed by Mayor Mealhady, Rui Marqueiro, municipal assembly chairman Daniel Salgado and Colonel Nélson Manuel Machado Couto, he was assistant to Luís Filipe Pereira Pinto, commander of Oliveira do Bairro, 1 st Sergeant Jorge Filipe Moreira Ramos (Chief of the Investigation Group for Ovar) and Bruno Alexandre Oliveira Graça (a member of the Ovar Ovar Investigation Core).

Finally, the exemplary medal of behavior, which, according to the ceremony master, distinguishes the army, which "displayed high moral and disciplinary behavior, zeal for service, and established spirit of faithfulness", was divided into three levels: gold, silver and bronze. The main infantry sergeant, João Manuel Marques Brito, a member of the Infantry Division of the GNR Aveiro, infantry officer Eugénio Carlos Gomes (a member of the transit department of Aveiro) and Francisco Alberto Guerra Patrício (a member of Anadie Territorial Station). The silver medal included Cláudio Miguel Rodrigues Lopes (Commander of the Anadie Territorial Unit) and Slivia Infantry Corporal Marlene Duarte da Silva (member of the Anadie Territorial Division). Finally, the bronze medal was delivered to corporal Sandra Patrícia Rodrigues Pires (member of the Santa Maria da Feira Labor Office).

At the end of the ceremony, the late Army was apprehended and honored, followed by a show of power in a parade, composed of various valences and means of the Republican National Guard.

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