BALL – "My relationship with Messi was very, very, very strange" (Paris Saint-Germain)

Brazilian international Dani Alves commented on his relationship with Lionel Messi from a meeting in Barcelona in an interview with Sky Sports. The current PSG player admitted that the relationship between them was "strange".

"I did everything I could to help him in the field to be happy and safe on the field, which is what he likes best, it's like a kid with your first gift," he said on Saturday. Sports world.

The Brazilian player, who came to Barcelona in 2008 and left in 2016, also admitted that he and Messi understood "with a look": "I assure the ball is always with him. It was very strange, because from the first we came from Barcelona very, very strangely but also in a positive sense. We had a good understanding, we all looked. "

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