Contact Us Oculus Rift S are cheaper and higher resolution lenses

The original Oculus headphones cost $ 600 and is quite complicated to prepare, with all the external cameras and required settings. The company has now introduced Rift S, which does not require external cameras, because it relies on internal monitoring that combines RGB and infrared sensors. Each lens has a resolution of 1280×1440 pixels, which is also a development against the 1080×1200 achieved in the original version.

Refresh rate from 90 Hz to 80 Hz, but ExtremeTech a message that the internal arm and hand tracking system works better and more accurately than the original version. Rift S uses LCD screens instead of OLED, which should reduce some negative effects and make some settings easier.

One of the features promised but not proven at the Game Developers Conference is Passthrough Plus, which lets you see the world around us in black and white without wearing glasses.

Oculus promises to make this Rift S available at a basic price of $ 399, lower than the original debut price and better technology.

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