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Defense of Life – Observer

In the end, thoughts are discussed instead of episodes of a country's life submerged in corruption where it does not seem to want to leave.

The Portuguese Federation for Life (FPPV) has launched an investigation into the parties' attitude to protecting life. It is believed that everyone is proud of what they stand for. For this reason, it should be a pleasure for everyone to follow the results of an investigation published in the media. Being subject to advocating life as relevant, if not the most important, because it deals with the respect we have for ourselves, should also be interested in social communication, but not. An interesting topic was the fact that the Lisbon Patriarchate published the results.

I remember that the topic is DEFENSE OF LIFE, but it is interesting to see whether patriarchy is encouraged to vote for a party, whether it did good or bad, by post because he repented.

I write because I can't keep my resentment in the country so stupid and fait divers, for everything that is accessories, for everything that stinks neighbors.

I say again: the theme is DEFENSE OF LIFE. We have learned that there is a minority of parties that respond positively to the challenges of defending life. To believe in opinion polls, this means that only about 10% of the political forces that represent or want to represent us want to say explicitly that they value life and believe that it is worth fighting for policies that they respect the human being at all stages of his or her life to respect the family and their autonomy in choosing their children's education.

We also learned that the main party who drives us refuses to protect life, and that those who vote in the animal and nature side can rely on the protection of animal life, but not on human life.

We hope with hope that there are parties that have not spoken in favor of life, but are also opposed to life. It's dangerous because the topic is too important for dubious attitudes, but there is still the possibility that it will not be in line with those who are at the forefront of dehumanizing our society.

Does this mean that there are only three good parties, or that the three parties that have responded positively to the FPPV's questions are the right choices? No!

Of course there are parties that advocate a set of ideas that include right and wrong things. In the case of Basta, from what I have read, for example, the defense of pedophile chemical castration is something that is unacceptable, in my opinion it excludes any responsible voting hypothesis.

It is equally unacceptable to admit that a doctor can kill a patient either because his mother does not want him or because he does not want to live. We are such sleeping ideas that are decorated with words that deprive us of our conscience that we have just accepted a vote for a party that defends them or does not categorically refute them. That is why FPPV wanted to awaken our conscience and launch the most important theme: DEFENSE OF LIFE.

Let's not try to talk about bullshit and focus on high topics. For these reasons, we must vote. Because we believe our vote is weighted. It's just one vote, but it will be a responsible vote that does not export a good day at the beach and a good policy of protecting life and family.

Finally, there was someone who made a difference in the campaign: the Portuguese Federation for Life fights tirelessly for humanized Portugal. We are grateful to everyone that we will definitely return with a responsible vote.

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