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City Guide – Informática e Serviços de Comunicação, Lda ("City Guide," on "Society," "We," " and "ours,") respects your privacy to the fullest extent and aims to protect you by following these privacy policies.

These principles provide:

  • any personal data we collect when accessing or using our websites, applications, and other online services (together with our "Services");
  • our procedures and ways of collecting, using, storing, protecting and publishing this information.

These policies apply exclusively to all information gathered through our services through contact forms, subscriptions or navigation.

These rules do not apply to information you may provide, such as third-party links or services provided by companies to which our services refer.

Read this document carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your information and treatment that we give you. If you disagree with our policies and practices, you must give up your use of the services. These rules may change from time to time; your continued use of the service means accepting these changes, so you should review the changes from time to time.

We collect various types of information from our users, including:

  • information that you can personally identify; and / or
  • information about your Internet connection, the equipment you use to access our services, and details of your use.

We collect this information:

  • when you provide them directly; and / or
  • automated use of our services (collected information automatically includes usage data, IP addresses, and information gathered through cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies).

Information you provide: The information we collect or may collect on our services may include:

  • Personal data: Your name, email address, location, password, and other information you can access with your account, such as your gender, phone number, and website. Your profile image will be publicly available as part of your profile. Optionally, you can make this information available through third-party sign-in services such as Facebook or Google Plus. In such cases, we collect and store all information you have provided us through these login services. But at any time you can access all of these data for portability by downloading structured files or by completely removing these data from our services permanently and with the overall guarantee that they will not be amrazenadas on our servers.
  • Your Preferences: Your preferences and settings, such as time zone and language.
  • Your Content: Information you make available through our services, including your opinions, polls in interesting places or companies, photographs, comments, lists.
  • Your research and other activities: Searched search terms and selected results.
  • Viewing information: How long have you used the Services and what features did you use?
  • Your communications: All information sent to a particular company via contact forms will be stored, properly encrypted so that their content will only be visible to the recipient company, ensuring that the information you send through our services will only be accessible to companies and not to third parties. Only the company receiving the information can delete it.
  • Transaction information: Any transactions or reservations through our partners will always be outside of our site and you must keep in mind your own partner policies. We will never store personal critical data such as credit card numbers or bank information.

We use the information you provide to us to improve the functionality and quality of our services and to provide personal experience in using our services.

Information about your messages.
If you exchange messages with others through the Services, we may store them to process and deliver them, enable them to report and possibly violate our Terms of Service or Service-Related Discrepancies.

Information gathered through automated data collection technologies.
We may automatically collect certain information about your computer or devices (including mobile devices) that you use to access services and use of services even when you use the services without registration or login.

  • Usage information: Detailed information on the use of our services, including traffic, location, records, and other communications data and resources that you receive and use on our services.
  • About your computer and mobile devices: Learn about your computer, Internet connection, and mobile devices, including your IP address, operating systems, platforms, browser type, other browsing information (connection, speed, connection type, etc.), Device Type, Device ID.
  • Information and files saved:Our applications will also have access to metadata and other information related to other files stored on your mobile device. These can be, for example, photos, audio and video clips, personal contacts, and contact information. Only when you use the same file when sharing with our services.
  • Location information: The apps gather real-time information about the location of your device if you enable it. But only to configure the relevant content to be presented. We never store our location data in our services.
  • Your Preferences: Your preferences and settings, such as time zone and language.
  • Your service activities: Information about your activity in services such as your search, comments, descriptors, selected search results, clicks, visited pages, how long you spent on the services, the date and time you used the service, error logs, and other information.

If you use one of our services by location (for example, when accessing mobile services), we can collect and process GPS device location information (including latitude, longitude or altitude) and time, this information is captured in the way we can service adapt to information and localized features (for example, to inform you about the restaurants around you or the appropriate promotions). Some of these services require personal information and as such we can assign location information to identify your device and other information we have about you. If you want to use this feature, you will be asked to authorize your information to be used for this purpose. You can download consent at any time by turning off the GPS function or other features that detect your location, provided this is possible on your device. For more information, see the device manufacturer's instructions.

Cookies and other electronic tools.
Cookies are used to store information such as your personal preferences when visiting our website. This may include a simple pop-up window or a link to the various services we provide, such as forums.

In addition, we also use third party advertising on our website to support maintenance costs. Some of these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies and / or web beacons to advertise on our website, and these advertisers (such as Google through Google AdSense) will also receive your personal information, such as your IP address, your ISP, your browser, etc. This feature is generally used for geo-targeting (displays in Lisboa only for Lisbon readers), or displays a targeted ad for a user type (e.g.,).

You can turn off cookies, browser options, or make changes to Anti-Virus programs, such as Norton Internet Security. However, this may change the way we interact with our websites or other websites. This may or may not affect your ability to log in to programs, websites, or forums from our and other networks.

Third party information
The City Guide contains links to other sites that, in our opinion, may contain useful information / tools for our visitors. Our privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites, so if you visit another website from our website, you should read the privacy policy.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies or content found in these locations.

We use the information we collect from you and from you for various purposes, including:

  • Process and respond to your requirements
  • Understand our users (what they do in our services, what features they prefer, how they use them, etc.). Improve the content and characteristics of our services (for example, by tailoring content to your interests), processing and completing your transactions and making special offers.
  • Manage our services and diagnose technical issues.
  • It will send you a message to your wishes or you care about it.
  • Send other users' questions to answer if you want to be registered with our services.
  • You'll see relevant ads.
  • Manage competitions and lotteries.
  • Provide customer service.
  • You will be given information and warnings about your account.
  • We are alerting you to changes in our services.
  • Enable your participation in interactive features offered through services.
  • Another way we can describe when you provide us with information.
  • For any purpose with your consent.

We may also use your information to contact you with our goods or services or third parties that we believe might be of interest to you. If you do not want us to use this information in this way, select the appropriate form option to collect your information and / or customize your user preferences in your profile.

We may disclose personal information that we collect or provide to you as described in this Privacy Policy in the following ways:

Disclosure of information

  • Your information will be disclosed only if it is consenting and only for the purposes for which it is shared.
  • Buyer or other successor in the event of a merger, sale, reorganization, reorganization, disposal or other sale or transfer of all or part of the Assets of City City Guide, either by continuing or bankruptcy, liquidation or similar procedures where personal data are held city ​​manual for service users included in assets transferred.
  • To fulfill the purpose for which you are giving it.
  • Whenever disclosure is considered to be necessary or appropriate to protect the rights, property or security of a city guide, its customers, or others. This may include cross-checking information with other companies and organizations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk mitigation.
  • Agreement. We can share your information in all circumstances when we have your consent.

Shared information with companies.
When you submit a request for company information through our services, you transfer information to the City Guide as well as to the companies you submit these requests to. However, the information is kept in an encrypted form and is only available to recipients. It will never be shared with third parties.

The information you choose to share with the company through our services can be used by the company for its own purposes.

We do not apply to the private practices of companies included in our databases. You should report any breach or know more about privacy by the company.

Google, as a third-party vendor, uses cookies to display ads on our website;
Using a DART cookie, Google can show ads based on reader visits to other websites on the Internet;

Users can disable DART cookies by visiting content networks and privacy policies for Google ads.

To better understand how you use the services, we can use third-party site statistics such as Google Analytics in our services. These service providers use the type of technology described in the "Automatically Gathered Information" section above. The information gathered by this technology will be published or gathered directly by those service providers who use this information to evaluate how our users are using the services. We also use Google Analytics, as described in the next section. To prevent Google Analytics from collecting or using your information, you can install the Opt-Out extension for Google Analytics.

Third parties whose products or services are accessed or advertised through services may also use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about your use of the services. This helps them (i) inform, optimize and create ads based on previous visits to our websites and other websites, and (ii) report on our ads, use of services, and interact with these views and advertising services related to visits to our website . We also allow third parties such as Display Networks and Servers such as Google Analytics, OpenX, Pubmatic, DoubleClick to display personalized ads for you on your services and access your own cookies and similar technologies on your computer, mobile phone, or other device that you use to access services. We do not have access to or use of these Privacy Policies or the use of cookies or other tracking technologies that may be placed by third parties. They can allow you to reject this type of targeted ad. If you would like to learn more about online advertising and how you can generally prevent cookies from being placed on your computer to display a personalized ad (ie Not only for using the services), visit the Link to exclude online advertising ads or Exclusion Link the digital alliance of digital consumers to refrain from receiving personalized ads from companies that participate in these programs. To prevent Google Analytics ads from appearing or to customize ads on the Google Display Network, you can visit the Google Preferences page. We emphasize that given that ad technology is built into services, you will still be able to receive ads even when you are an ad unit. In this case, your ads simply will not fit your interests. In addition, we do not review any of the exclusion links listed above and are not responsible for any choices you make through these mechanisms or for maintaining the availability or accuracy of these mechanisms. .

When accessing services from a mobile app, you'll also be able to receive custom ads in your app. Every operating system, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone provides custom instructions on how to avoid these in-app ads. Other devices and / or operating systems can be found in the privacy settings of that device or operating system, or contact the appropriate platform operator.

We are committed to providing you with meaningful information about the information gathered in our services for third party purposes. That is why we have NAO links "Opt-out for customers", DAA and Google. However, we currently do not recognize or respond to negative brands in browsers, as the Internet sector still defines the exclusion, implementation, and solution formulas.

When you create an account in City, you choose to receive emails from City Guide, companies, or other users. You can always mention that you do not want to receive notifications or announcements in our services, but we emphasize that you can not cancel the reception of some administrative or legal notifications from the City Guides.

Portability and deletion of data

To view, change, remove or transfer personal information we have about you, use the backoffice user service or contact the city's privacy officer.

If you delete any information from our services, copies may still be visible on other sites, such as search engines, or on the cached or offline page.

How we protect your information

We have made the appropriate physical, electronic and management processes to protect and prevent unauthorized access to your information and to maintain the security of your data. These processes take into account the sensitivity of the information we collect, process and store, and the state of the art.

We assume no liability for any information that is disclosed as a result of transmission errors, unauthorized access by third parties or other causes beyond our control. You also play an important role in protecting your information. You may not share your username, password, or other sensitive information with anyone else. If we receive instructions with a username and password, assume that the instructions have changed.

Third-party links and services

Our services include links to third-party websites. Your use of these features may, depending on functionality, cause the collection, processing, or sharing of personal data. You should be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of other websites or services that may be associated with our services. Our privacy policy does not apply to information you have selected or collected by these entities. You should read the privacy policies of these third parties.

Data retention and account cancellation

You can close your account on the backoffice page and the data on our website. We will remove all information that we have from you only anonymously and without contacting you with information about this removal operation, and we may retain certain information to prevent possible unlawful activities associated with the service or to comply with legal obligations.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy occasionally to reflect changes in legislation, our data collection and use methods, our service characteristics, or technological progress. Use of collected information is subject to the privacy policies applicable at the time of use. If there are any significant changes to this Privacy Policy, we will send them here. Make sure you carefully review these changes. Your continued use of the Services after disclosing changes to this Privacy Policy constitutes your agreement and acceptance of such changes.

Contact the city guide

Any information about your activity in our services or any doubts in our Privacy Policy can be contacted by email [email protected]

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