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Increased blood donation dengue cases – Horizons

Hemominas informed on Monday (29) that it daily monitors blood and blood components in units of the state, mainly due to an increase in dengue cases.

21 people died in Minas Gerais due to an epidemiological bulletin published on Monday (29) by the State Health Secretariat (PES); another 66 deaths are being investigated. According to the SES, there are 165,853 probable dengue cases in 2019.

The figures led to Hemominas strengthening the demand that people who are not ill or those who have already gone through a period of disability to schedule blood donation.

This is because, historically, during the holidays and long-term holidays, the blood supply will be reduced by about 30% and a large number of cases may worsen the situation because those who have become infected cannot prevent blood donation. from 30 days in classical dengue cases to six months in dengue hemorrhagic cases.

Just enter the information and plans place. There are more than 20 units in the state.

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