Is it a Michelin 3 star restaurant? – Culture

About 9:00 pm This Wednesday, we will know if Portugal has a Michelin three-star restaurant or not.

More than the knowledge of new one-star or two-star restaurants is a question of whether Michelin's inspectors have found a restaurant that corresponds to the maximum rating that is referred to as "unique cuisine justifying a trip" in this universe.

And if it happens, which chefs will open the champagne? José Avillez of Belcanto or Hans Neuner from the ocean? Or who knows, Dieter Koschina from Vila Joya. These are bets of catering and gastronomic critics, but those guided by a guide are not there, nor are they affected by the fact that the Portuguese government has invested 400,000 euros in the gala. For good and evil their decisions are based on rigid internal protocols.

All these scenarios are just quarrels, which, in addition, have to be laughable by the prudent inspectors of a strong red-haired lady and who decide for the first time in Portugal at the Carlos Lopes pavilion in Lisbon.

The three-star restaurant has significant economic impacts because it attracts foreigners traveling on this trip. And because they never visit only one restaurant, they go to others with two or one star.

Portugal is far from Spanish reality, but note the numbers: in Spain, about 8.5 million tourists visited Spain in 2015 due to their gastronomy. A case that brought 9663 million euros.

Surprise can come from the north
If there are any bets on the two Feitoria (João Rodrigues) stars and Sergi Arola's laboratory, others predict that António Loureiro, d 'A Cozinha (Guimarães) and Oscar Geadas da G Pousada (Bragança) can smile today.

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