NASA analyzes intact Moon samples nearly 50 years ago


The US Space Agency has just created nine teams to study the samples that its astronauts gathered on the Moon nearly 50 years ago and have remained intact since then.

NASA's statement explains that the new project aims to get data that can help with future expeditions to our natural satellite and other celestial bodies.

Increase understanding of the Moon, NASA experts, members of various military organizations, and various college professors will be in touch by first the samples were brought to Earth on Apollo 15, 16 and 17, which took place from 1971 to 1972.

"We're going beyond the moon, pushing science to the next generation." By studying monthly samples, we will discover new features such as drinking water, oxygen and fuel, ”says NASA's Twitter on Twitter.

Six of the nine affected groups will analyze 800 grams material they were never exposed to Earth's atmosphere and coming into contact with the rocky layers of the Moon, the remaining three groups will study their studies in frozen or helium samples since they arrived from the Moon.

Specifically, experts will try to find out how to keep water in a highly radiated rock on the lunar surface, get information on the climate and volcanic activity of our natural satellite. According to NASA, the teams will also describe in detail the geological features of the place where Apollo 11 landed to discover its potential as a "cold trap" in which water could freeze.

These samples are "investing in the future"And the Space Agency keeps them" using the latest technology "we have today to" answer questions "that scientists didn't recognize at the time, explained Lori Glaze, interim director of the Planetary Sciences Division in the same note.

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