Now you have 10 minutes to regret the news!

Facebook Messenger will allow you to very quickly remove any message you send! There's only one mistake … You have only 10 minutes to do it.

The new feature is listed as the "Coming Soon" message in the iOS version of Facebook Messenger version 191.0.

This means that compared to the 60 minutes that Facebook offers at WhatsApp, it has a little more 10 minutes … However, it is much better that we have no corrective hypothesis.

The "Unsend" feature of Facebook Messenger has been developing for many months, first appearing for the first time in April. Following this announcement, the social network even revealed that it has deleted reports several times from its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This feature was first seen in October in a trial version of Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook Messenger 4 – An update that promises to remove all spam!

Since then, Facebook Messenger has been released from a "light" conversation app … into an authentic abomination full of features that no one really knows why they are good.

The result is clear that the application has begun to be an unconditional filling of data and battery running! With several users, they gave up their apps and opted for Facebook Messenger Lite.

Facebook has a full idea of ​​what it did … Since it admitted that the application was "junk mail", it has released several updates. With the words "made for you" and "simplicity" on the agenda, the application remains too crowded.

So today, Facebook released a new version of Messenger! It was called Facebook Messenger 4 to improve the user experience and reduce "junk mail" in the app.

New messenger

Tell the new Messenger. From now on, we are developing a new, simplified design that makes it easy to connect with the people you care about most. Learn more: messenger-boot-messenger-4 / #justMessenger

Posted Messenger on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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