People who visited Cristina Ferreira's "home" on these 50 questions – The Television

People who visited Cristina Ferreira's "home" on these 50 questions – The Television


Cristina Ferreira continues to be angry at the SIC in the morning, accumulating "unexpected" visits that have resulted in sincere positive results for the Paço de Arcos, which keeps Carnaxide fun.

In fact, it was a blow to the carnival that Cristina Ferreira had recorded her best result, fueled by the catapults of Antónia Costa. The lowest value was recorded on 25 February.

We conducted a survey of major faces who visited Cristina Ferreira in the following 50 questions:

  1. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (President of the Republic): he was not physically present, but ended up as the protagonist of Cristina Ferreira's first issue on SIC, thanks to her call to the presenter;
  2. Cutódia Gallego (actress): She was the first person to visit Cristina and talk about losing her son;
  3. Luís Filipe Vieira (President of Benfica SAD): was the first guest for an unconventional interview. He played with the hostess and at that time did not disclose much information about a possible coach hire;
  4. Carminho: The Fadist was in the program to give a mini-concert;
  5. Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho (SIC journalist)A promise was made in Cristina Ferreira's first interview in the SIC. Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho was the first face of the SIC;
  6. Júlio Magalhães (journalist and CEO of Porto Canal): a journalist from Porto Canal was at the SIC to talk to his girlfriend Cristina and end up enjoying the dessert: eggs with sugar;
  7. Nuno Luz (SIC journalist): SIC sports journalist was at the table with Cristina and the food served was sushi;
  8. César Mourão and João Manzarra (SIC): two lecturers were in Cristina's house for a Sunday night show that invited celebrities to dress up the skin of reputable musicians;
  9. Mickael CarreiraTony Carreira's son was in the room of Cristina Ferreira for a mini-concert and for presentation one Your place;
  10. Bento Rodrigues (SIC journalist): some are trying to join two, which is sure that Cristina has managed to put Bento Rodrigues in touch with the bricolage of the house,
  11. Gonçalo Diniz and Sofia Cerveira (SIC): The couple talked to Cristina Ferreira about the fight they had. Goncallo overcame cancer due to the strength of his wife.
  12. Assunção Combs (leader CDS-PP): she was Cristina Ferreira's first invitation, and with her she cooked a tuna meat that gave a mango cloth and humor for many moments;
  13. Raquel Strada (SIC moderator)SIC's face was in Cristina's closet to talk about fashion;
  14. André Silva (Mr. Pan)He was in a debate that put him in the face of Rui Salvador – a bullfighter. The theme was bullfighting.
  15. C4Pedro: a musician who handed over the house to Cristina Ferreira to give the audience music;
  16. Ana Malhoa: the singer who took her first steps in the SIC was also with Cristina Ferreira;
  17. Julie Pinheiro (SIC moderator): Madrinha moderator was with Cristina Ferreira in the "inaugural" issue in the morning;
  18. Aurea: the singer did not miss the call and was in Cristina Ferreira's house;
  19. Carolina Patrocíno (SIC moderator)SIC's daughters and hostess attacked Cristina Ferreira on a gymnastic morning;
  20. Miguel Oliveira (MotoGP driver): he's in the most important motorcycle race and Cristina spoke to him in the living room;
  21. Piet-Hein Bakker (TV Series): She was with Cristina Ferreira about her experiences in the erotic line she worked for;
  22. Paula Lobo Antunes (actress): Cristina joined actress Piet-Hein Bakker and Claudio Ramos. They all worked on erotic lines;
  23. João Moleira (SIC journalist)the challenge was simple – the moderator got João Moleiru into the iron;
  24. Mia Rosethe singer and youtuber went with their son Mateus to the house of Cristina Ferreira. This program visit marked the child's debut on television;
  25. Lili Caneças: socialite began to disguise, but ended up interviewing Cristina Ferreira, who left something to escape the moderator's relationship with Casinhas (Tiago's father);
  26. Abel Xavier (former footballer)a former player who converted to Islam and changed his name was questioned by the SIC communicator;
  27. Boss AC: musician cachup at Cristina Ferreira's house;
  28. Mr. Alberto: a dancer who was known for his caustic views in Dance with Stars, ended up dancing with Cláudio Ramos in Cristina Ferreira's kitchen;
  29. Conceição Lino (SIC journalist): a journalist got Cristina Ferreira to talk about her great news on social networks;
  30. Luís Marques Mendes (SIC commentator): The commentator was finally surprised by his family during an interview with Cristina Ferreira;
  31. Núria Madruga (actress): Son of Núria Madruga and actress visited Cristina Ferreira;
  32. Ana Guiomar, Débora Monteiro and Inês Castel-Branco (actresses): actresses and presenter incarnate the role of protagonists of Sex and the City;
  33. Ricardinho (futsal player): the player was with Cristina Ferreira about her life history;
  34. Sara Matos (actress): She was in the program featuring and promoting a piece of Zoom and sitting on the sofa talking to one of her best friends, Pedro Teixeira;
  35. Matias DamásioWith a hard history, the singer ended up with Cristina Ferreira in her house;
  36. Fernanda de Oliveira Ribeiro (SIC Journalist)The historical face of SIC sat on Cristina Ferreira's couch and ended in surprise;
  37. Cláudia Joaquim (State Secretary for Social Security): politics sat in Cristina Feereira's office to talk about the new pension system;
  38. Frederico Morais (surfer): the first Portuguese to reach the finals of world surfing;
  39. João Catarré (actor): new acquisition for SIC series, former TVI actor, to tell Cristia Ferreira "hello";
  40. Luísa Sobral: author of the theme Amar para Dois gave music to Cristina Ferreira's audience;
  41. Clara de Sousa (SIC journalist): took Nero – his cat – and showed great complicity with the SIC Mornings communicator;
  42. Chef Kiko: a chef who was involved in a recent discussion of an alleged dish made for Mars was adopted by Cristina Ferreira to talk about a competition that at that time was believed to be supported by NASA;
  43. MárciaMany musicians are dense every week and many of them hold small concerts in the room of Cristina Ferreira;
  44. João Baião (SIC moderator)the number she now occupies on Saturday and Sunday was in support of her program with Cristina Ferreira;
  45. Rodrigo Santoro (Brazilian Actor)the international star was with Cristina Ferreira in the issue that many viewers drool;
  46. David Carreira and Carolina Carvalho: They were the protagonists of the February magazine Cristina Ferreira and visited the moderator in his house;
  47. Toy and Ana Bacalhau: two musicians were invited to sing to each other, but rather had a lively conversation with the "owner" of the house;
  48. Luciana Abreu (actress): It was to read a written statement that Luciana Abreu went to the program of Cristina Ferreira without addressing the questions on the communicator;
  49. Marizo: the fadist gave the body another mini concert at Cristina's house;
  50. Ricardo (former footballer): national hero of 2004 was interviewed by Cristina Ferreira;
  51. Bruno de Carvalho (former president of Sporting CP): it was during the launch of his book about the time he spent at Sporting that Bruno de Carvalho was at SIC;
  52. Carolina Deslandesnew mother gave music to viewers and viewers of Cristina;
  53. Elongelo Rodrigues (actor):is about to return to music. Ivy Domingues' ex-boyfriend returns with the OX project and went to Cristina's house to talk about the project;
  54. Cláudia Vieira (actress): was to promote the marriage novel Soul and heartthat former girlfriend Pedro Teixeira entered the house of Cristina Ferreira;
  55. Vanessa Martins (blogger and actress)In preparation for the Oscars, the blogger joined other SIC faces to comment on the candidates;
  56. Sara CarreiraBenjamin's Carreira family joined the program of Cristina Ferreira to sing and charm;
  57. Fernando Rocha and Marco HorácioThe comics were with Cristina Ferreira about the program Get up and laugh;
  58. Marisa Matias t: left block militant was finally surprised by his mother during an interview with a SIC moderator;
  59. Andreia Rodrigues (SIC presenter): moderator launches her program Who wants to date a farmer? in an interview with Cristina Ferreira;
  60. April Ivy: singer handed house Cristina for mini concert;
  61. Miguel Costa (actor)Two daughters surprised and showed the greatest tenderness in Cristina Ferreira's house;
  62. Flag of Barbary: put music in Cristina Ferreira's house;
  63. José Raposo (actor): to be a father, the actor talked to the communicator about the challenges of paternity;
  64. Pedro Sousa (actor): she talked to Cristina and talked about her children's book;
  65. Fernando Luís and Francisco Garcia (actors)They were in the living room.Program Cristina remember the times in Family doctors;
  66. Paulo Gonzo: musician gave mini-concert to Cristina Ferreira's audience;
  67. Conan OsirisThe winner of the RTP Song Festival was in conversation with the host and ended up telling some of his life peripécias;
  68. Nuno Eiró (CMTV moderator): It was on a special last Sunday in February that Cristina accepted a friend in her house;
  69. Pedro Mourinho (SIC journalist): The SIC was in the program of Cristina Ferreira and was surprised by his daughter, the fruit of a relationship with Iva Domingues;
  70. Rita Ferro Rodrigues (moderator): The hostess surprised her companion and ended up with Cristina Ferreira about love;
  71. Diana Chaves (SIC moderator)César Peixoto's wife was with Cristina Ferreira and talked about the love she had for her daughter, but also for her friend.


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